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Lyme Event – August 12, 2017 – Western Massachusetts

I received this email today from Kenneth Mercure of the Lyme Alliance in the Berkshires (if you are happening upon this from a search engine, we are in Western MA):


Inside the Lyme Epidemic: Past, Present and Future with Pamela Weintraub

Saturday, August 12th, 2017 from 1:30 to 4:30 PM

Berkshire Athenaeum, Auditorium, 1 Wendell Avenue, Pittsfield, MA 01201


Lyme disease is at epidemic levels in Berkshire County! What should be an easily treated and manageable infection is being left to become a serious and evening life-threatening public health crisis. Lyme disease is under-reported, often misdiagnosed as something else and frequently suggested to be “all in your head”. There is a great disparity between the reality and seriousness of tick-borne infections and what is being touted as the ultimate truth about Lyme and its related diseases.

However, there is work being done to help bridge this gap. The Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires, a Pittsfield based organization started in 2011, tirelessly works to help educate the public and to help provide support for individuals who are currently suffering with tick-borne disease. As part of this work we routinely invite speakers and host educational events to help make the public more aware of this issue.

Continuing on this path of education and awareness the Lyme Alliance is hosting “Inside the Lyme Epidemic: Past, Present and Future” with Pamela Weintraub, author of the book Cure Unknown.

Nearly a decade after her beloved book was originally published, author Pamela Weintraub will tell her story and discuss what has changed in the world of Lyme since 2008 and what still needs to be done to help end the Lyme epidemic. Pamela will speak and then will interact with attendees and answer questions. We will have a door prize raffle as part of this event and refreshments will be available.

The event will be taking place in the Berkshire Athenaeum auditorium on 1 Wendell Avenue in Pittsfield, MA on Saturday, August 12th, 2017 from 1:30 to 4:30 PM.
Contact Person: Kenneth Mercure


Facebook Event Page:
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Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires May 2017 Email


For those of us in Western Massachusetts/Berkshire County area , I’m relaying my email from the Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires:

The Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires is back! We hope the beginning to your year has been good so far. We have an amazing year planned!
*Note*: Some emails, given the amount we have in our address book, may have accidentally been sent an email. If you do not want to be on this email list or don’t remember signing up, send us a quick email saying “Remove from list.”. If you would like to remain, do nothing.

2017 sees the Lyme Alliance launching “Stemming the Tide” our tick-borne disease speaker series, with our

second meeting being on Saturday May 13th, 2017 at the Berkshire Athenaeum at 1 Wendell Ave in Pittsfield, MA starting at 1:30 PM.
Meetings take place in the ground floor auditorium.
Our meeting this month is “The Informed Patient: Navigating Healthcare with Lyme Disease”
A workshop based around creating an atmosphere of patient empowerment and self-confidence that will help those suffering from tick-borne disease navigate through the difficulties and chaos of the healthcare system and meant as a mechanism to provide a template to follow for those at risk.
Being an informed patient is a vital aspect to getting well when you are battling tick-borne disease. A patient must feel empowered and be knowledgeable about their illness for proper communication to take place between them and their medical practitioner. This communication facilitates an honest and open relationship and can even work to change an uneducated medical professional’s stance on Lyme disease. All patients regardless of illness should be able to feel confident and empowered when seeking and receiving medical care.
In April, we launched our first ever printed newsletter and the first Lyme-related newsletter in Berkshire County.
We have also been invited to do a segment on a local public access show that is shown throughout Berkshire County and will be speaking about inclusiveness in healthcare advocacy on the program New England Pride TV, that has an audience of 1,000,000 an episode, in June of 2017.
We hope to see numerous stories being published through the local media this year and will continue to fight for coverage of this heavily underreported issue and have made it a goal of 2017 to create a connected relationship between the Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires and local governments.
Last but certainly not least, we are launching a South County Lyme disease awareness meeting in Great Barrington. The meetings will be facilitated by local volunteer Barbara Wells. More details will be listed below.
Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires, North County:

All North County meetings will include a door prize raffle
as part of the meeting. Attendees will receive a ticket and
a drawing will be done at the end of the meeting.
The Informed Patient: Navigating
the Healthcare System with Lyme Disease
with Kenneth Mercure
Saturday, May 13th, 2017
Starting at 1:30 PM
Chronic Stress: Its Impact on Chronic
Illness and How to Cope
with Heather Juby
Saturday, June 10th, 2017
Starting a 1:30 PM
The Language of Healing
with Noelle Janka
Saturday, July 8th, 2017
Starting a 1:30 PM
Inside the Lyme Epidemic: Past, Present and Future 
with Pamela Weintraub,
author of well-known Lyme book “Cure Unknown”
Saturday August 12th, 2017
Starting at 1:30 PM
All meetings take place at:
Berkshire Athenaeum
Ground Floor Auditorium
1 Wendell Avenue
Pittsfield, MA 01201
South County Lyme Disease Awareness Meeting (S.C.L.A.M.)
Facilitated by Barbara Wells
Saturday, May 20th, 2017
12:30 to 2:30 PM
Lyme Disease Prevention Workshop @ S.C.L.A.M.
with Kenneth Mercure, facilitated by Barbara Wells
Saturday, July 22nd, 2017
12:30 to 2:30 PM
Mason Library’s fiscal year ends in June, so this date is subject to change.
July 22nd is currently set aside for us on their books, but is not scheduled yet.
All meetings take place at:
Mason Library
231 Main Street
Great Barrington, MA 01230
In the community room.

Chronically Aware Newsfeed:




The Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires is a patient support and community education not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to spreading awareness about tick-borne diseases in Berkshire County and the surrounding area and to providing services to help patients in navigating through the healthcare system, as well in learning skills to help cope with the difficulties of living with tick-borne disease.

The Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires is based around a philosophy of
intersectional advocacy, striving to be inclusive of all communities and their unique needs.


Visit us at our website for access to 

an extensive archive of information.


Feel free to forward this email newsletter to anyone you know

who might benefit from our programming and services.

For those of you seeking to find herbs for the Buhner protocol, see:

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Berkshire Lyme Events

An email I received today that may be good for people in Western, Massachusetts or abutting counties in NY or VT:

The Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires will be screening the Lyme documentary Under Our Skin 2: Emergence at the Devonshire Estates Senior Living Facility at 329 Pittsfield Road in Lenox, MA at 3 PM tomorrow (May 18, 2016). The film is 60 minutes and will be followed by a Q & A. It is open to the public. If you know of anyone interested please share this event info!
We will also be holding our next awareness meeting on Thursday, May 26th at the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsfield, MA at 1 Wendell Avenue. Meeting starts at 6 PM in the ground floor auditorium. The entire meeting will be dedicated to answering questions.
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In Support of Support Groups ………

Today I did something new. I attended a Lyme Disease Support Group.


First let me preface this by saying you may have seen me post about one here in my county.  I have, I have!  But it was in Adams and it was close to my time getting out of work and it was on the 3rd Thursday of the month and my hometown Pittsfield here has Third Thursday Street Festivals that my son LOVES …. blah-blah-blah. I just could not go.


NOW it is here in town on Saturdays.  Today I went.


I met a great bunch of people face to face, people who are knowledgeable without being know-it-alls, helpful without trying to be saviors, supportive without being too much.  The facilitator Kenneth did a great job driving the meeting.  He let us newbies know that it is not structured, that we can talk about what we want and that there aren’t really any rules.  This was wonderful news — and bad news, maybe. I have attention issues and there were a lot of sidebar conversations down the table that I was unable to filter out.  I could see other attendees glaring at the Lyme Whisperers, but theses conversationalists were oblivious.


But the beauty of this, I guess, is that these people are welcome as equally as I am.  They have needs.  They need information.  They are just as entitled to help and support as anyone else.   Here we all are, sitting at this long table upstairs in the library helping each other :  and tolerating each other’s quirks.


There are educational materials laid out — some are signs to hang up at work or where-have-you with blurbs about checking for ticks and so forth.  Some are articles long enough to require staples.  Some are brochures.


Attendees ranged from people who were diagnosed in the ’90’s to people who just learned the name of their mysterious symptoms.  They were male, female and ranged in age from  20 to retirees.      Spouses and significant others were there for more information.

We discussed everything from how to find a LLMD to supplements to offbeat treatments to symptoms themselves (and ours varied quite a bit) to unconventional methods of dealing with symptoms to co-infections to book titles and names of doctors to how to get results in the medical world.

I think one of the more newly diagnosed found our collective state to be rather appalling.  She would get a bewildered look on her face, and look at her husband across the table and shake her head.  She said something – I forget what – that indicated she found this hopeless.


But I think we all managed to get across this:  we are ALL better having been diagnosed and treated than we were when we were out there in LaLa Land trying to find out what was wrong.  I know that I no longer have heart issues and I no longer wake up at night not breathing.    It also serves a purpose in my spiritual journey, in The Plan.  I’ve learned lessons I needed to learn, lessons that have made me a better person. I mentioned this and Kenneth passed me a piece of paper with an author’s name on it:  Katina Makris.   Having googled her, I see she is here on WordPress!  Ken talked about how it has empowered him to become a vocal advocate, to get out there and do something about it.  He said that we could “have” Lyme Disease without being the sum of our illness.

The meeting was informative and helpful and I wish this group existed when I was newly diagnosed some 5 years ago.    It gives everyone in the room a little piece of something they need.

If you have an opportunity to attend a support group, I highly recommend it.

Ours is here in Pittsfield, Massachusetts :

Lyme Disease Support Group hosted by the Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires.

People without Lyme are welcome — whether they are friends or family members or simply curious citizens or potential advocates.

The next two meetings are Saturday September 21st 2013 and Saturday October 19th , 2013.  Meetings start at noon.  Today’s ended near 3PM. I’m not sure how long they last.  Why don’t you come and find out?


It takes place at the Berkshire Athenaeum in the 2nd Floor Conference Room.  Address if you’re coming from out of town:  1 Wendell Avenue, Pittsfield, MA 01201 (on the corner of Wendell and East Streets ).  Unfortunately the library prohibits food and drink.

For more information contact me and once I determine you’re not a spammer or a robot, I will divulge their email address.  🙂   Or check the website.


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Boston – Rally for Lyme Awareness – May 10, 2013

Rally for Lyme Awareness
an educational event to help spread
awareness about Lyme, America’s
fastest growing infectious disease.
Bring your family, friends
and neighbors, united together
to help educate the community!!
Friday, May 10th, 2013
11am to 3pm
Brewer Fountain @ Boston Common
Tremont Street
Boston, Massachusetts
Brewer Fountain is located at the corner of Park
and Tremont Streets by the Parker Street Station.
For more information:
To learn how you can help
or for any questions, email:
This event is being held in conjunction with the
Worldwide Lyme Disease Awareness campaign and
International Lyme Disease Month.
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Western Massachusetts / Berkshire County Support Group

From my email today:


Just wanted to remind everyone that the Lyme Alliance’s next support group meeting will be taking place on Thursday, November 15th, 2012 starting at 5 PM at the Adams Free Library in Adams, MA. Please spread the word and let anyone you know that you feel might benefit from attending this information. Thank you for time. A second reminder will go out a couple of days before the meeting. Have a lovely week everyone and good health to you all!


Be sure to spread the word if you know anyone in the area.  We’re not alone!

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Berkshire Lyme Support Group – Lyme Alliance of the Berkshires

Here’s my newsletter du jour:

Our next support group meeting is July 19th, 2012 featuring special guest speaker Dr. Ronald Stram of the Stram Center for Integrative Medicine, starting at 5 pm at the Adams Free Library, 92 Park Street, Adams, MA.

The support/discussion group will begin at 5 pm and the presentation by Dr. Stram will start around 5:45 pm with a Q & A to follow.

Hope to see you there and spread the word to anyone you know that might be interested!!