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Lyme Humor / Lyme, the Great Imitator

I thought this was funny in a sad way:


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How Lazy Are You Actually?

I found this quiz:

Frankly, I was reading through it and there were in fact MANY of these things I am guilty of when I’m feeling badly or feeling well. But there are SO many more that I can say were true when I was feeling Lymey (One question: Have you stayed on the couch for 12 hours without moving? We who know Lyme-caliber fatigue can probably attest to that one!)

At any rate, thought it was interesting. And it made me rethink people who seemed to think I was just being lazy! I did certainly look lazy, at least by this quiz’s standards! LOL.

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4,000 Years of Medicine [Humor]

Thought this was funny (and relevant!):

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