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The War on Bugs – Article in Berkshire Eagle RE: Mosquito Control But No Tick Control

on April 21, 2015

I live here in Berkshire County in Western Massachusetts.  Our local paper published this interesting article:

I never wondered about this.  Those trucks in the early morning hours, those announcements to close our windows, the protests and harrumphs about cancer and what are they spraying us with and is it worth it? It never occurred to me to wonder why the hubbub about West Nile Virus and not so much as a ‘bub about Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses.

I never knew that Berkshire County has the highest rate of Anaplasmosis , another tick-borne illness.  Our county borders Columbia County, NY; they had the highest rates of Lyme in the country for 5 years straight at one point (it was percentage rate per population , not actual numbers).  I seem to suspect that deer do not stop when they see the green sign bidding a warm welcome to travelers and announcing they are entering Massachusetts.

The article talks about how much easier it is to treat for mosquitoes, how they are more predictable at certain times of day, whereas one area could be teeming with ticks and the next yard could be without them.

It’s interesting to think about.  Wouldn’t it be nice if ticks could be controlled?  But I think about bed bugs.  They were practically nonexistent here due to crop-dusting.  The chemical that did them in was banned and here we are talking about bed bugs again, and inspecting hotel mattresses and whispering about NYC movie theaters.

This conversation about spraying for ticks is probably fruitless.

Soooooooooo……………………. Always remember:



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