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Claritin & Lyme Disease?

on February 11, 2015

Oh, I don’t want to turn into the Tweeter of Bloggers where I sort of copy and paste links to interesting articles.

But here we go again:

Has anyone heard of this? I never tried it so I cannot recommend nor not recommend it.  Might be worth reading up on.

If anyone has any experience with this, please chime in.  We would love your thoughts.


6 responses to “Claritin & Lyme Disease?

  1. Adrienne says:

    I JUST finished blogging on this. I am kinda of mixed. Mainly because “if it’s too good to be true…” I mean all of of what we go through and it was that simple? I do hope people do not rush out and attempt to start self-helping with an antihistamine. At the same time, spring allergies are right around the corner. My verdict is still out.

    • Becki says:

      Thanks for writing, and great feedback and input. I am always concerned about people rushing out and trying things, too. I know I had been so desperate at times that I would have paid top dollar for snake oil or any other crazy cure. It’s a good reminder to tell people to bounce things off their doctor. Mine played along well with things I wanted to try even if I could see her cringing. 🙂

  2. Diana T. says:

    Spring allergy season is just around the corner. I have certainly tried crazier things in my quest to get rid of Lyme. I wonder how much Claritin I will need this year to get rid of my… allergies, the article doesn’t say…

  3. Angel Avina says:

    Ok….First of all I am a Natural Health Consultant. Long story short I was having very troubling health issues and had every blood test and scan imaginable …including the Elsia Lymes test.
    I am honestly telling you that I had THREE MONTHS of testing. Finally they (drs & staff) had a meeting about me saying that it was “all in my head” since all my test were coming back showing that I was a EXTREMELY healthy person. Finally my daughter’s friend who has had LYMES for seven years told me to go back and ask for the WESTERN BLOT TEST ….and guess what?
    Yep! Full blown third stage lymes.
    This is what I have learned…..STICK TO A PROGRAM THAT WORKS!!!!!!
    I have talked to dozens upon dozens of people with advanced Lymes (I did a radio show on it on WOMT 1240 am radio JANUARY 27th you can podcast it) the common thing between all of them is they were ALWAYS TRYING SOMETHING NEW!!
    You can’t do this…it throws the body into shock mode and will actually weaken your immune system which is the last think that you what to do with lymes.
    So here is the simple secret ….CHANGE YOUR ANTIBITIOTC EVERY 3-4 days because by the fifth to seventh day they lymes bacteria has already figured it out an mutated. HONEST!,
    So for three days I do Oregeno Oil, then I will switch it up to Colloidal Silver, then Allibiotic (NOW PRODUCT… fact almost all of what I am on is) then I may do Dioxyxiclline, amoxicillin …all of these with food.
    First think when I wake up I do a PROBIOTIC-10 50 billion since it is a good bacteria you want to always take it on an empty stomach. Again, the NOW BRAND that must be kept cold in the refigerator….remember it is a LIVE GOOD bacteria. You must have this to fight BAD bacteria to help in strengthening you immune system!
    Other things I do is BLACK WALNUT I start this always one week before a full moon…no voodoo involved it is just that parasitic activity is ALWAYS the highest during a full moon…ask anyone who works in Er or a nursing home!
    I also do Omega, D-3 5000-10,000 a day, iron (the REAL Iron…NOT the one that causes constipation or stomach upset . B-1000 SUSTAINED RELEASE, C-1000 SUSTAINED RELEASE,
    Spirulina (at least 10 of the little tablets) chlorella, cats claw…..all the above again, are NOW PRODUCTS!
    You can’t get off the wall garbage .
    I also do hemp oil but this is though a different reputable company and I eat VERY HEALTHY!!
    Three weeks ago I had a local pharmacist call me to tell me about the Stnaford University finding with Claritin SO I added that to my regiment.
    I bought the no-drowsy 24 hour 69 day supply.
    Four months ago on the bad, BAD days I was about 80-90% bed ridden….prior to this I was an EXTREMELY active 53 year old …hiking , logging, sledding, snowboarding… get the picture.
    My life was turned upside down by this.
    There was a five day stretch were I lost 12 lbs …normally I weigh about 120 . I didn’t want to even live anymore. I had muscle spasms and cramps in my right leg from my butt cheek down…every minute, every hour, every day .
    All I did was cry and moan BUT if you felt my leg there were no physical cramps…it was all in my brain.
    TODAY and for about the last month I have been having good hours..sometimes up to seven even eight hours in a row!!!!!!
    I still get the “attacks” as I refer to them but they are no where near as bad as they were.
    I was getting better before I started the Claritin so I m sure it has to do with my “program” but the longer hours started more so after I introduced it three weeks ago so I’m sure everyone can understand I am not sure how much credit I can give to the Claritin.
    I hope this helps!
    God Bless and the biggest lesson I have learned through Him is ENJOY TODAY and don’t worry about tomorrow GOD IS ALREADY THERE!!!!

    • Becki says:

      Thank you for such a detailed response! Great ideas here. I’ll have to read it in more depth later when I’m not on the run. It’s so nice hearing from you and God Bless back at you. 🙂

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