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More Lyme Legislature! Massachusetts House Ways and Means Committee

on July 12, 2014
Dear Friends,

Thanks to your help, the Massachusetts Bill H.4259, An Act Relative to Lyme Disease Treatment Coverage, that would require insurance companies to pay for long-term antibiotic treatment of Lyme disease was referred earlier this week to the MA House Ways and Means Committee! We have had good information that this bill will be considered by the Committee this Thursday, July 17, and that it can still get through and be voted on before this session ends, if we keep the interest high.
Do you think that the decision for treatment should NOT be up to your insurance company, and instead be left to you and your physician?



There are very few  weekdays left in this legislative session. We need to push this bill forward! Please CALL, WRITE, E-MAIL or VISIT your representative. Many MA Lyme advocates are also contacting the members the House Ways and Means Committee.
If you are from Southern Berkshire County, Representative Smitty Pignatelli from Lenox, represents you, has co-sponsored H.4259, and sits on the MA House Ways and Means Committee.
Find your MA legislators’ contact info at:
Please reach out to family, friends, and neighbors and ask that they also CALL, WRITE, E-MAIL or VISIT! This legislation, if passed, would let people focus on the fight for their lives and not the fight with their insurance companies.
You are making a difference in the future of Lyme disease treatment. 
Thank you!


1) Where in Massachusetts you are from. They most want to hear from people in their district.
2) I vote, and I am in favor of the Lyme Disease Patient Protection Bill, H.4259,

with the edits of the Mass Lyme Disease Legislative Task Force. Please vote in favor of this bill.

3) Why H.4259 is important to you (e.g., I can get the treatment that I need so I can get back to work)

4) Remind your rep that the financial impact study of this bill predicted LITTLE TO NO INCREASE in insurance premiums for the general public.

5) This specific legislation was recommended by the Governor’s Special Commission to Conduct an Investigation and Study of the Incidence and Impacts of Lyme Disease in 2013.

Sample E-mail 
(Please add your own personal note about how Lyme disease has effected you and your loved ones to the beginning of this message)
(Just Copy, Paste, and Insert the Rep’s name & your name)
Subject: Support H.4259, An Act Relative to Lyme Disease Treatment Coverage & the MA Lyme Legislative Task Force’s Edits
Dear <Insert Rep on House Ways and Means>,
As one of the thousands of Massachusetts citizens affected by the burgeoning epidemic of Lyme disease, I support the intent of H.4259, An Act Relative to Lyme Disease Treatment Coverage which is currently before your committee. I respectfully request your assistance with H. 4259, as the current wording contains various loopholes that insurance companies could use to deny care to people with Lyme disease.
As the intent of the bill is to protect patients’ access to care, it is my hope that you may be able to assist us with implementing the Massachusetts Lyme Legislative Task Force’s essential edits to H. 4259, which serve to tighten up the legal wording.  Without these essential edits, the bill may harm people like me, the very people it is supposed to protect; I need your help. 
H. 4259 builds on the Massachusetts Physician Protection Act.  It also fulfills the Massachusetts Special Commission to Conduct an Investigation and Study of the Incidence and Impact of Lyme Disease recommendation for “mandatory Lyme disease insurance coverage to be enacted in Massachusetts.” Importantly, the recent Center for Health and Information Analysis (CHIA) report found that there would be little to no ($0.0) impact on the cost of insurance.
Please implement the suggested edits from the Massachusetts Lyme Legislative Task Force and vote favorably on H.4259.  Thank you for your time and consideration. 
<insert your NAME and ADDRESS here>

Sample Facebook post or e-mail to family/friends:
I support H.4259 and the MA Lyme Legislative Task Force Edits. Do you? If
yes, then call 617-722-2990 and let Brian Dempsey, the House Chair of Ways
and Means know!
This note could be used when you share the following link to a recently published article, which talks about why this bill is so important. “Massachusetts face to face with Lyme disease patient protection bill:”
MA House Ways & Means Committee Members
If you are from Southern Berkshire County, Representative Smitty Pignatelli from Lenox, represents you, has co-sponsored H.4259, and sits on the MA House Ways and Means Committee.
Brian Dempsey, House Chair 617-722-2990
Stephen Kulik, House Vice Chair 617-722-2380
Matthew Beaton 617-722-2488
Michael Brady 617-722-2230
Linda Campbell 617-722-2305
Christine Canavan 617-722-2575
Nick Collins 617-722-2080
Viriato deMacedo 617-722-2100
Angelo D’Emilia 617-722-2488
Geoff Diehl 617-722-2810
Carolyn Dykema 617-722-2210
Lori Ehrlich 617-722-2014
Robert Fennell (co-sponsor) 617-722-2575
Gloria Fox 617-722-2810
Sean Garballey (co-sponsor) 617-722-2090
Robert Koczera 617-722-2582
Timothy Madden (co-sponsor) 617-722-2810
Paul McMurtry 617-722-2015
Kevin Murphy no # listed.
Rhonda Nyman 617-722-2210
Thomas Petrolati 617-722-2255
Smitty Pignatelli (co-sponsor) 617-722-2017
Angelo Scaccia 617-722-2060
Thomas Stanley (co-sponsor) 617-722-2230
Walter Timilty 617-722-2230
Cleon Turner 617-722-2090
David Vieira 617-722-2230
Donald Wong 617-722-2488
House Ways and Means Committee Members email list
It is better to send a separate individually addressed email to each Committee member, but if that is too hard for you the entire list is below:,Angelo.Scaccia@mahouse.govThomas.Petrolati@mahouse.govChristine.Canavan@ma,Gloria.Fox@mahouse.govRobert.Koczera@mahouse.govRobert.Fennell@mahouse.govWalter.Timilty@mahouse.govSmitty.Pignatelli@mahouse.govLinda.Campbell@mahouse.govLori.Ehrlich@mahouse.govMichael.Brady@mahouse.govTimothy.Madden@mahouse.govRhonda.Nyman@mahouse.govAngelo.D’
Yes, Smitty is a member of the House Ways and Means Committee. He is also a co-sponsor of this bill, and has been helpful with information and advice. He is one of the good guys on this bill! Yes, contact him, and be sure to THANK HIM.

We are asking right now that only constituents contact their reps on House Ways and Means. If Smitty is not your rep, please hold off on contacting right now. In a couple of days, we will have additional alerts, to make sure that no stone is unturned in getting support for this bill.



MA Lyme Legislative Task Force



Stephen Kulik, House Vice Chair 617-722-2380<>

Matthew Beaton 617-722-2488<>

Michael Brady 617-722-2230<>

Linda Campbell 617-722-2305<>

Christine Canavan 617-722-2575<>

Nick Collins 617-722-2080<>

Viriato deMacedo 617-722-2100<>

Angelo D’Emilia 617-722-2488

Geoff Diehl 617-722-2810<>

Carolyn Dykema 617-722-2210<>

Lori Ehrlich 617-722-2014<>

Robert Fennell (co-sponsor) 617-722-2575<>

Gloria Fox 617-722-2810<>

Sean Garballey (co-sponsor) 617-722-2090<>

Robert Koczera 617-722-2582<>

Timothy Madden (co-sponsor) 617-722-2810<>

Paul McMurtry 617-722-2015<>

Kevin Murphy no # listed.<>

Rhonda Nyman 617-722-2210<>

Thomas Petrolati 617-722-2255<>

Smitty Pignatelli (co-sponsor) 617-722-2017<>

Angelo Scaccia 617-722-2060<>

Thomas Stanley (co-sponsor) 617-722-2230<>

Walter Timilty 617-722-2230<>

Cleon Turner 617-722-2090<>

David Vieira 617-722-2230<>

Donald Wong 617-722-2488<>

House Ways and Means Committee Members email list

It is better to send a separate individually addressed email to each Committee member, but if that is too hard for you the entire list is below:<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>,<>, Angelo.D’<mailto:Angelo.D’>,<>,<>


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