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“Is the Vitamin C & Salt Protocol Safe?”

on December 4, 2012

I am able to see search engine terms that bring people to this blog, and the title of this blog is among the most frequent in current trends.

I’m not a doctor, so my word is not the law.   The best and simplest answer is “ask your doctor.”  That sucks, doesn’t it?  You came here for a solid answer and now you’re being directed to your doctor who may or may not believe that you have Lyme Disease, or may believe that you “had it” and the rest of this stuff is in your head.  How dare I turn you back to the unreliable medical community who gives you the run around.

Well?  Let me tell you whyyyyyy.

If your kidneys aren’t perfect then lots of salt is NOT something you ought to be ingesting.  Vitamin C probably isn’t a good idea either, in larger quantities especially.  If you have high blood pressure then increasing your sodium intake in this manner is probably unwise.

See?  There are many compelling reasons why it may not be a good idea.

I’ll tell you what.  I don’t have any of those issues.  I did ask my doctor about it and frankly?  She thought it was silly.  But she insisted I stick with Himalayan salt (as advised by pretty much anyone) and advised me to be careful of heavy metal content.   She reminded me to drink lots of water as well.

So before you go reading things to see if it’s SAFE.  Please ask your doctor.  No one out here in cyberspace can see you and none of us knows your medical history — and frankly, many of us are laypeople who wouldn’t know how to answer your question even if we knew your entire history.  Ask your doctor.  If they give you crap, just fold your arms and say “Humor me.”

Also ask about other supplements you may be taking to make sure there’s no interaction.  Many sites recommend taking Natokinasse for a few days prior to clean your bloodstream; it’s a blood-thinner.  If you are going to take supplements in conjunction with the protocol then ask about those, too.  Nato-zymes may be a bad idea if you’re already on Coumadin or something similar.

If they say it’s okay then PLEASE take a tiny bit at a time and slowly increase.  I herxed pretty badly and hear that I’m not unique.

(***Note:  I’m not a good resource on whether or not it “works.”  I herxed BAD and stopped.  I could not function.  Could not!  So I didn’t see it through to the end or through any recommended length of time.  If you try it then read read read.  Make sure you drink tons of water and eat a detox diet. ****)




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