Bloody Lymey

A Blog About Living with Lyme Disease

on August 22, 2012

Warm and Dry

The #1 health concern with alcoholics is heart disease.  While I haven’t had a drink in over 9 years, I feel compelled to discuss a recent event.

Sunday night I was relaxing on the couch before bed with my feet elevated, enjoying my favorite TV show on DVR.  I had a great weekend, spent lots of time with my two favorite guys – lots of sunshine, convertible rides out of town …. lots of R&R.  Stress-free.

Quite suddenly I had a crushing pain in my chest.  It radiated into my upper back – left side.  Suddenly I felt powerfully nauseated.  I tried to take slow deep breaths to not puke because I thought that would make the pain worse, but breathing made it hurt worse.  I had a strange prickly-tickly sensation inside, like I was sweating from the outside in.  My face felt hot and flushed.

My instinct was to…

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