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17 Day Diet Take Two – Day 15

on August 14, 2012

I have probably been making too many little concessions for myself.

Today I made curried chicken with green peppers and onions, summer squash and zucchini. Yay. GOOD.

But ……. I felt compelled to have a tiny helping of jasmine rice. Technically I am supposed to do this sort of thing on day 18, but I did not go all out and count today as day 18. That was the only faux pas.

Looking through the back of the book, I noticed “Cultural Considerations.” There is a new list of veggies for Asians. There are different foods for Indians. It permits “fresh cheese” under Hispanic. Fresh cheese. Hmmm……..

So I had eggplant parmigiana with FRESH mozzarella (the wet kind …. not the freshly-purchased “normal” stringy kind from a pizza joint). Oh and it was lovely. Homemade marinara from chunky red tomatoes, caramelized onions, garden fresh basil ……. and eggplant. I recommend baking eggplant rounds at 425 F for 15-20 minutes so it gets crispy and even a little charred looking around the edges. THEN put the sauce and cheese on and turn down the over to 350 F until the cheese is melted. This way it does not get too mushy.


Another concession. I’ve been forgetting the green tea. I adjusted last time. It’s not THAT. I just forgot to bring it to work once. I forgot to have it at night once. Poof. Habit broken.

I’ve been drinking diet soda. I have two diet pepsis at work [harm reduction! It’s down from like 6!] and an A&W diet root beer at home at the end of the day. That gives me a whole lotta ahhhh. I’m a recovering alcoholic – 9 years at this time, God willing I’ll keep at it – and it gives me that reward thing at the end of the day. The ahhhh that I thought I was getting with beers and boozes – but sans the amnesia, headache, nausea and bad decisions. BUT. I do make it up with extra water. One diet soda is a negative water. Two waters become one. Six waters become five. So? I go crazy with the water to make it up.

One night I had a SMALL piece of steak and one ear of corn. My Achilles Heel is bread, pasta, cake. I have abstained. I also have abstained from Dunkin’ Donuts’ large ice coffees with cream and sugar. THAT has been tough. I have had two medium ice coffees with cream , no sugar. That’s something, too. It was more like “social drinking” in terms of coffee, though. 🙂

So here I am. Thirteen pounds lighter, more energized, very nearly pain free, and in good spirits. I see a rheumatologist in a couple more days.


One response to “17 Day Diet Take Two – Day 15

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