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Sometimes Turkey Burgers are BLEHHHH! Or …17 Day Diet Take Two / Day THREE

on July 31, 2012

Turkey burgers do NOT impress me. Why’d I waste a good dinner on those? I can’t seem to come up with the right condiment to make them more than palatable, but they were a bit snazzy with sauteed peppers and onions. And NO bun.

I’m still not craving carbs like I did the first time I did this. Maybe I had it all inflated in my head and reality couldn’t live up to it? I’m even okay with black coffee. I have yet to abstain from diet soda, but I’m having small quantities and it’s easy to make up the water.

So today:

I’m down 2.8 lbs since yesterday
Total so far: 5.8 lbs.

(Remember, I weigh myself in the morning, so this is my weight prior to “day three”, my weight after TWO days on the diet. Also remember I took on TONS of water QUICK so this is extreme. Last time I did this, I lost 2 lbs the first day and then by day 17 I had lost 10 lbs. That’s NOTHING like the progress I’m making now ….. so don’t expect anything so insanely quick and dramatic).

I mowed the lawn today!


Morning – YOU guessed it! 2 eggs & 1/2 grapefruit (scrambled the eggs with salt, pepper and tons of oregano – no liquids added)

Snack – Plum

Lunch – Tossed salad with leftover chicken breast in it and homemade creamy garlic dressing (yogurt, a hint of fat free mayo, lemon juice, garlic, and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese)

Snack – Plain yogurt with strawberry Polaner All-Fruit (Yes I keep pushing them, NO I’m not a salesman)

Dinner – 2 turkey burgers with a hint of pesto and sauteed peppers and onions

Snack – Preview taste of my ratatouille made tonight for dinner tomorrow (substituted Organic Chicken Sausage for the verboten pork kind — it was floppy and damp like a cheap uncooked frankfurter but I fried it up to glorious crunchiness and it’s AWESOME) and more yogurt.

Symptoms / Improvements:

Knees were PERFECT today.
Hands stubbornly arthritic, but not as bad
NO headache. NO neck ache.

Mental clarity! I can’t believe the difference!
I feel more positive. I can’t explain it. There’s an elevation in my overall mood – though this tends to accompany feeling better! No. Wait. There’s more to it. I cannot articulate it.

Stomach visibly smaller. I wore my own pants today (my weight gain was so rapid and unexpected I had to borrow pants from Mom. ). They were among the larger pairs of my pants, but still MINE. 🙂
Bowel Movements are normal these past two mornings — I tend to be one extreme or the other.

Temperature increased – due to my thyroid, my baseline temperature has been in the mid 96F range. Since the morning of Day 2, it has been in the high 98’s! Means my metabolism is improved as well as my immune system (can’t kill infections with a low temp, can we?)

Queasiness comes and goes ….. but I’m glad I didn’t delay. I’m glad I did this.

I sweat today! (Remember I have Hypohidrosis – another lovely issue that evolved after contracting Lyme) – and I sweat REAL good!

Venting ‘Cause These Things Aggravate Me:

People find out you’re on a diet and they have good intentions. People who have known me for YEARS are explaining to me the benefits of exercise!!! People who KNOW I was very athletic before being sick (and during my 10-month remission and a short while after – once I got my body up to snuff again). I used to hike up mountains! I’d ride my bike great distances when I didn’t have my son! I am appalled that I’m being spoken to like I have just been some couch potato my whole life.

Then someone said, “Well that’s what happens when you start eating healthy.” Like I wasn’t before? REALLY? Just because I ate BREAD doesn’t mean I didn’t eat healthy. If someone brings cookies to work for everyone, I have one! Sometimes two! But it’s not an everyday thinnnnng!!!! I also counted calories off and on for a while in recent weeks to have something to take to the doctor. My average caloric intake was about 1500! That is NOT a valid reason for gaining 30 lbs spontaneously over 6 weeks. It’s NOT. It’s NOT excessive. I don’t eat a lot of salt. I don’t just shun the salt shaker and then throw back some salami and canned soup thinking I’m “low sodium.” I REALLY am not excessive with salt! I make homemade meals where most of the ingredients are known. I do not add Xanthan Gum or other peculiar things, and certainly none with color names and numbers. I might snack on some popcorn at night if my boyfriend makes it. I’m not a closet eater. What you see is what you get.

After Christmas I gained a few pounds. I deserved it. I ate desserts every which way every where I went. I deserved that. THIS is different.

The last time I was on this diet there were no snarky comments so I’m pretty stunned by all of this. There are people I work with who haven’t known me terribly long — I would be more understanding of that. These are people who have known me for a long time! I don’t GET it.

I have to remember what Steve from my AA step meeting says – “don’t complain and don’t explain.” If I keep “explaining” then I’m trying to “make” someone understand something that they’re possibly incapable of understanding. I need to just shrug and say “whatever.” What people think of me is none of my business.

Today it’s not that easy.


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