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Oil Pull #5

on July 11, 2012

Some things have changed already and, like I said, my thyroid med changed too. I’ll try to make a distinction between things that could be attributed to the med change and the oil pulling.

1. My legs hurt differently. It’s in a muscular way. It’s from walking WAY more *smile*.
2. My menstrual cycle feels like it did years ago — the sleepiness I get is more like someone sleeping more deeply and having difficulty waking up, I have cramps again, I felt a migraine coming on (I rarely get those since getting Lyme …. hey. Ya win some, you lose some.) — this could be thyroid meds for sure. A lot of this has endocrine written all over it. Although the migraine could be a detox symptom.
3. Greatly reduced appetite — I get full sooner and satiated. I don’t have the urge to eat like I did. Sugar cravings have been reduced — even with full blown PMS!
4. My hair is SMOOTH now. Lustrous, even. Very strange. It was so dry it was nearly water repellent. This may be thyroid med stuff, but coconut oil is also notorious for helping with this.
5. My sandals are suddenly loose and I can see more bones in my feet — maybe I had some subtle edema thing going on? It’s very sudden. Verrrrrry sudden. Like a change overnight.
6. An acne outbreak on my chin is quite suddenly clearing up. It erupted soon after starting this and is now just clearing up. Acne tends to linger on and on with me and zits don’t seem to heal or clear up much.
7. Uhhhhhh………..a bit of acid reflux . It’s worse if I do an O.P. after eating (like they say NOT to, ahem). Did it again with #5 — mostly for an experiment to see if there was a correlation. There appears to be. Maybe it’s just ME and my wiring and maybe it’s not a common side effect.
8. Loose, productive cough. Find myself having the ‘ahems’ a lot. I try to tell people that because it’s pretty frequent. It sucks when you tell your coworker she looks nice today and then suddenly “AHEM.” LOL.
9. Creativity. I don’t know what it is, but my mind seems “quicker” and more imaginative — something like it used to.
10. Lighter mood.

As for how Oil Pull #5 went …….

My mouth felt clean after for the first time. Other times it felt NASTY. Just polluted and oily and toxic. I stopped at 15 minutes. I had been kind of reclining and swallowed one minuscule iota of some oil and just had to STOP. But it’s okay. No need to be a perfectionist here.


3 responses to “Oil Pull #5

  1. This is such great news for you! Keep it up and thanks for keeping us updated and trying to differentiate between new meds and the oil pulling. If you had a choice to start again, what would you choose instead of the coconut oil?

    • Becki says:

      They recommend equally sesame oil and sunflower oil — (the sesame oil in my cabinet is “toasted” and they say NOT to do this). I’m thinking sunflower might have less of an overpowering taste?

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