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Oil Pull – #4

on July 11, 2012

Prior to #4 there was something to be said for my “number 2.” It was rather green, so obviously there must be something to the “bile production” and “liver cleansing” component to this.

I should probably preface the next thing by saying that I’m a smoker. Since I’ve started this, I feel less and less fond of my dirty habit. It hasn’t removed the urge and it hasn’t lessened the addiction, but now I feel more “polluted” when I do it. Strange. I hadn’t expected that. I had quit for over a year and a half and picked up the habit again — just went through HARD times in 2009 when my brother passed (and the bad feelings would have passed had I waited …. it’s not an excuse. Just trying to explain my vulnerability at that time). Unfortunately, Lyme has given me lower blood pressure and smoking (which elevates BP) made me feel more alive. It made me less constipated. All kinds of alluring byproducts of smoking — and I don’t recommend it to anyone. So that made it easier to slide back into the habit.

So….. Oil Pulling #4:

Even after feeling better about #3 and feeling more accustomed to it, the very notion of putting this coconut oil GLOP in my mouth repulsed me today. Man, I wish I had found all the stuff about sunflower oil and sesame oil! The THINNER and more texture-pleasing & palatable choices……

I definitely have to plan the pulling around something to do while I’m swishing. I try to make it coincide with my shower or folding laundry or some kind of activity – not just watching TV. I’ll get preoccupied with wanting to spit it out or for it to be over (wow, it really is bothering me today, isn’t it?)

I’m pulling right now. I have to remember I’m not churning butter in here. Sometimes I do it with more vigor than is probably necessary. I have to think in terms of a race and how I want to maintain stamina and not sprint. I can get to a finish line quicker, but 20 minutes takes 20 minutes and swishing more violently won’t make it go by faster. It will just tire my cheeks and make me wish it was over with more intensely. I’m trying to focus on the goal: better health. Focusing on “right now” is an undue distraction and will probably discourage me from keeping up with this.

I must be honest, too, about the fact that I did not wait an hour after my morning coffee. There’s just not enough time for me to do this to the letter, I guess. I get my son ready and out first — no way can I pull for 20 minutes with Mr. Chatterbox here. Ha ha.

So this morning while I did the O.P., I showered, dried my hair, dressed, wrote to you fine people and spat. Today I’m not sneezing and there are no pains in my knees. Acne on my chin cleared up somewhat. My oral hygiene just feels stellar for the most part. I mean, my mouth feels CLEAN. Nothing earth-shaking today.


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