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Oil Pulling – 2nd Time …..

on July 10, 2012

So after my first episode with pulling and the initial gagging reflex, I had the gall to do it AGAIN.

I noticed two things:

1.  I sneezed a lot after both instances — I didn’t make a correlation between sneezing and oil pulling the first time, but it certainly is strange that I have been sneezeless all day and then suddenly two sneezing fits followed two sole episodes of oil pulling?  Hmmmmmm.

2.  My knees ached for maybe 1/2 an hour after.  I just mean ACHED.  I could still go up and down stairs.  It didn’t interfere with my STRUT.  Just an achy feeling.

3.  Phlegm.  Not hordes of it.  Just a little.  I find myself coughing productively as if the coconut oil is an expectorant.


The three above things immediately followed oil pulling and are isolated, limited to these “pulls.”


As for the tooth-whitening I mentioned in the first blog about this …… ahhhh.  Not yet.  Not yet.  The first time was an optical illusion from the lighting in my downstairs bathroom, not corroborated by other mirrors and lighting situations.

My sandals are loose on me.  I’m wondering if it lifted some subtle edema I had going on …….. or it could be the new thyroid med.  Water retention is sometimes blamed on poor thyroid function .

Energy is GOOD today. DAMNED good. I waited for my son’s bus from camp to drop him off and I was aware of what a beautiful day it was. 80-degrees F. Mild breeze. I felt the warm sunlight on my skin and the breeze grazing me. I savored it. The mental clarity made bounds of gratitude possible. I felt so good, I felt a growing constriction in my throat and the threat of tears. Honest to God, I never felt so good. (*Note – if you didn’t read the entry prior to this, then please be aware I changed thyroid meds — from Levothyroxine to Armour and am not sure if the uptick in feel-good has to do with the coconut oil so much as the thyroid meds or if it’s a combination. Just want to represent everything fairly*)

So I’ll try it a 3rd time.  Maybe I’ll actually stick with this!

Here’s Oil Pulling – 1st Time:


One response to “Oil Pulling – 2nd Time …..

  1. Third time’s a charm and I’m so happy you enjoyed the day and all it’s glory!

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