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Another Reason Why We Should Use Human-Sized Hamster Exercise Balls for Jaunts in the Woods ….

on July 8, 2012

I felt GREAT a couple of weeks ago and went for a jaunt in the woods with a friend.  The place has  2 ponds, a stream, woods, fields …….. any outdoorsy thing you could want except mountains.  But with all that water and marshiness I was eaten ALIVE by mosquitoes.  My arms were teaming with itchy pink welts.

Fast forward one week.  I felt weak.  Tired.  Joint pain – a different joint pain.   I also felt depressed about it and I cried — and this in itself was unusual.   The fatigue wasn’t worse than usual and the joint pain no more severe.

The next morning I had epic diarrhea — and it was undigested.  I had tons to do at work and had an intuitive feeling that the diarrhea was a one time thing.  My abdomen hurt when I walked.  Enough to cause me to bite my lip and try to lumber slowly and purposefully, like I didn’t want to rock the boat.  After 2 hours at work, I had to pee.  While attempting to do so, my abdomen (lower right) hurt SO bad I thought I was going to faint.  I saw swirling black dots and everything seemed to be slipping away.  When the clarity returned, I pulled up my pants and was preoccupied with the whole “what if” thing …… particularly what if I fainted with my pants pulled down at work?  Then came the fear.  No one likes the notion of their internal organs rebelling …. or maybe breaking?

I told my boss matter of factly I needed the ER.  He drove me.  Long story short?

1.  Urine sample – No UTI

2.  CAT Scan – No appendicitis & bladder is good

3.  Blood samples –  Everything good (Liver, Kidneys, Electrolytes, etc.)

Doctor asked if I had had a sore throat.  No.  He asked where I was in my menstrual cycle. I told him.

My discharge papers proclaimed me a victim of Mittleschmerz.  Say it aloud. It’s funnnnnnnnn.  And it’s supposedly real. Here’s an article:

Now. It doesn’t explain the diarrhea and it doesn’t explain what happened next.

Next morning?  EPIC diarrhea.  Liquids, solids, everything came shooting through at warp speed.  I developed other symptoms that came and went:

1.  Abdominal rash – raised, very clearly a rash

2. Nausea

3. Exhaustion – different than my usual.  This is more a sleepy feel, like I have been up all day and night and like it should be 4 AM.  Sleep relieves this for a short time but doesn’t sustain me long.  This is unlike my usual fatigue where it feels like sleep is just a respite from feeling tired and I wake up unrefreshed.

4.  Weakness

5.  Sweating (*I sort of stopped sweating for the past couple of years, so this is odd.  Also, I woke up sweating rather profusely*)

6.  Fever ?  (My baseline temp is like 96.5 F and has been since my thyroid diagnosis in 2007.  My temp was up to 99.6F.)

7.  Headache — and my nausea & diarrhea made the notion of taking Motrin or something to be off-putting, to say the least.

There were others, but these were the biggies for a few days.

Then – the headaches got more severe.  Then …. I was getting ready for bed one night and my throat was swollen kind of below my ears and a little forward and it looked like I had a double chin — that was swollen too, and tender to the touch. Then …. confusion.  I went to Cumberland Farms for a coffee.  I have been doing this for some years. It looked unfamiliar to me and for a few seconds I couldn’t figure out where the coffee was.  There were a few similar instances to this.   My knees hurt differently.  The joints.  They felt hot and like they could “pop” particularly when going down stairs.

In follow up with the doctor, she ran some labs.


Sjogren’s Syndrome.

Smooth muscle function.


Now this had gone on for more than a week and is still kind of meddling with me, though my stomach is far better.  I don’t have an aversion to food like some do when they’re nauseated, but I have the “picky eater” thing that those who are queasy often suffer from.

Somewhere in that flub, a friend on Facebook posted a local article about a mosquito testing positive for West Nile here in our humble  hamlet.  I couldn’t remember what the symptoms were, so I looked it up.  You guessed it.  I laughed.  I laughed so hard.  Wouldn’t it be funny if I was a victim of Lyme AND West Nile?

Just keep me the F**K inside.  Ha ha.

Did my doctor test me for it?  Nope. I will tell you WHY.  80% of people are asymptomatic when they have WNV.  The 20% that ARE have the symptoms I reported – usually cleared up in one week with perhaps lingering fatigue (they say even healthy people may be sick for several weeks).  Here’s more info from our favorrrrrrrrrrite government entity, the CDC:

1% will develop BAD WNV – aka:  West Nile Encephalitis.  This is the one that makes the news.  Less than 10% of this 1% die from it.  So that’s an astronomically low number.

I don’t KNOW if I have West Nile and from what I’ve heard from medical peeps and from reading is I probably won’t be tested unless I have an alarming fever and forget my name.  By the way, I did tell my doctor about my confusion episodes.  She stated that people with Sjogren’s sometimes have this.  I may push the issue Monday.  This “rare” stuff scares me.  Chronic Lyme is supposedly rare.  Again.  I’m not saying I “have” it.  Ruling it out might be nice, though.  But I think the government’s criteria and methods get in the way and so do insurance companies.  Why test for something that would resolve itself?  Like … the common cold.

And that bothers me not because I “need” to know – especially since it typically resolves itself – but because the government statistics are grossly inaccurate.  Mosquitoes found.  Low risk to humans.  No human infections.  Yayyyyyyy.

So that’s my 2-cents.  What cha say we all stay inside?  Ticks, mosquitoes, and ……. what else?  What can house flies do to us?  Tee hee. Of course, then being HOME and INSIDE would be unsafe. Maybe I’ll just live my life in one of these:

4 responses to “Another Reason Why We Should Use Human-Sized Hamster Exercise Balls for Jaunts in the Woods ….

  1. Becki, this sounds exactly like what I had in May – right down to the disorientation as I was at the doctor’s and he asked me to sit on the exam table and I couldn’t figure out how!!! My temperature was at least 3 degrees above normal for 2 weeks, the diarrhea was EPIC, my abdominal pain so bad I had an emergency CAT scan, which was normal except for a cyst (and that was not causing the pain), throbbing headaches, nausea, oh so tired. Labs were normal and we decided that I should stop all antibiotics and go on Bicillin injections twice a week for a month. I improved and have to say it was nice not to be on all the antibiotics after 4 years. You may be on to something, as usual, and not to make it worse, but I’ve heard that fleas can carry lyme 😦 Hope I’m not repeating myself and I hope you are feeling better. xoxo Kath

    • Becki says:

      The disorientation is BUGGING me. It’s terrifying. I can’t imagine what it’s like for older people who start having more and more episodes of this. The scariest was in the parking garage en route to work when for a couple of seconds I couldn’t remember where our parking area was. I wondered should I even be driving? It was just a couple of seconds, but what if it happened at an intersection? I’m feeling far better today, but resting helps tremendously. Yeah, the cyst terrifies me.

    • Paul Von says:

      It sounds like you may have received a bite by an insect carrying Babesia. I’ve had different versions of lyme for at least 17 years, and just didn’t know it. Doctors were stumped at early symptoms, so I just quit seeing them. As a result of trying to get strong again last year, I contracted another infection on top of the load I had been battling for all those years. I hiked about a thousand miles last year, and now I can’t even go grocery shopping without getting paranoid about collapsing at the store. This first link might be helpful to readers, as there are some unconventional yet excellent insights given.

      Here’s another bit of advice on antibiotic regimine errors caused by faulty testing. Pay very close attention to the comments regarding PCR testing for mycoplasma derivatives.

  2. Suzette says:

    hilarious….the hamster big ball thing…not so hilarious the reality thing of this all.

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