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Petition the U.S. Senate (The right to be diagnosed and treated for Lyme and related diseases)

on June 14, 2012

About the petition:

“Every human being has their right to heal from an illness. The right to be given an accurate diagnosis, and to have proper and sustainable treatment and support.

“What if I told you that there is a countless number of people right here in America, who have been denied their right to a proper diagnosis of Lyme and other related infections related to tick bites, and then once properly diagnosed, they struggle to get treatment, to get insurance companies to pay for that treatment, and so on.

“The hardest of all, is these people struggle to find support as they heal from these infections. Most doctors, their families, friends and associates do not believe these people – they doubt them because there is a LACK of knowledge and understanding.

“Most people think that Lyme disease is easily diagnosed & cured… One is told that it is in your head… Why- because there is no reserach and education coming out of the medical community and there is no awareness or advocacy for Lyme Disease and it’s associated diseases in the Public sector.

“Lyme patients want action NOW- we want to take back our right to heal and move on with our lives in peace without fighting a brutal bureaucratic political health care system in America.

“Please sign this petition if you want to take back your right to heal (or if you have a family member, friend or associate that you know who has faced this challenge)!” ~ Bernadette Durham

Since the link function seems to always fail me:


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