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Artificial Sweetener Disease – ASD

on June 10, 2012

As an avid Diet Pepsi drinker, people have sent me many articles through the years that expressed concern about my compulsive caffeine consumption and about my aspartame consumption. This one hit it home and I found it purely by accident:

(If the link doesn’t work then copy and paste this:

Symptoms of this disease go something like this:

* Migraines and recurring headaches
* Anxiety
* Depression
* Arthritis flare ups
* Muscle pain
* Chronic fatigue
* Fibromyalgia
* Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
* Crohn’s disease
* Acid reflux
* Buzzing/ringing in the ears
* Central nervous system disorders such as nervous twitches and abnormal reflexes in muscle tissue

Another article describes “Aspartame Side Effects”:

(*If this doesn’t work, copy and paste:

What scares me is that …… this looks like my symptoms. Now I’m not disputing that I had Lyme Disease (and probably still have it since I herx when treated whether by salt protocol or by pills). What I’m thinking is that I drank diet soda for years without incident. I’m wondering if having Lyme made me more susceptible to this. During my stint on the 17-day diet, I was asymptomatic. Honest to God. It was an anti-inflammatory diet but I was also abstaining from diet soda to meet their water protocol (if you drink one can it’s considered negative one water so you must drink two waters to take its place …… that can add up).

I’ve been wanting to go on the diet again since I’m inexplicably puffing out again. But I have labs coming up next month and am reluctant to have them stick me when I’m at my ‘best.” Not that I want to keep myself down …… if that makes sense. You may also be wondering why I haven’t gone back on it if I was doing so well. Well? I guess there’s a bit of denial. I enjoy my diet soda tremendously and want to find a way to have my diet soda and drink it, too.

Do many of you consume lots of aspartame? Do you mix it in your coffee or chew sugarless gum …. does it take other forms for you?


3 responses to “Artificial Sweetener Disease – ASD

  1. Great info again. I have never used artificial sweeteners as I have never enjoyed soda much and I prefer sugar (I know) if I am going to sweeten a drink or honey for tea. I do drink coffee after three years of not touching it, but usually just in the morning. My sister started using Stevia in the Raw as that is one of the acceptable sweeteners on a protein diet she went on. No, luckily, she does not have lyme – but she is skinny and I am super inflammed.
    I am actually going to ask you about your anti-inflammatory diet as I put on 20# with my last illness which consisted of vomiting, nausea and fever and as I already follow a detox diet and I wasn’t eating for almost 2 weeks – the 20# just seems like a mean joke. Did I miss the blog on it? Any information would be soooooo appreciated. Thanks!

    • Becki says:

      You know, the trendy “17 Day Diet” is anti-inflammatory (whether it intends to be or not). It’s also low glycerine (whether it intends to be or not), which my specialist was always after me to pursue (low glycerine, not necessarily the 17-day diet). The first 17 Days is a cycle of detoxing, too. It lists “cleansing vegetables” to eat and drinking water. There’s a website devoted to it, too. The book admits that the first cycle we lose mostly water weight gain – and I SOOOOO needed that. I did blog about it. It’s titled 17 Day Diet and has subtitles such as (day 3, etc.).

      I should do it again since I was doing SO supremely well when I was on it – from my energy to being perfectly pain-free. I did well for a while afterward but slowly implemented more carbs, less veggies, less fruit, less water, more diet soda – frankly, I drink diet soda rather excessively. My hunger for caffeine is insurmountable and there’s only so much coffee I can drink in a day. That’s what my aspartame fixation is recently. I’m seeing things that say it’s an urban legend, too ( – America’s trusted source for debunking urban legends – specifically addresses an email about this saying it causes MS or mimics MS symptoms and dubs it “false.” But there seems to be a credible body of information stating otherwise). I’m planning to do a series with a fair compilation of viewpoints. I’m wondering if there’s some middle ground — where it does NOT effect healthy people but people with autoimmune things or Lyme are more susceptible or that it can exasperate symptoms?

      The diet wasn’t bad once I was on it. Right now I keep thinking “we have leftover pork fried rice” or “we have leftover pizza” …….. always an excuse. Then there’s a birthday party or a holiday. LOL. I’m such a dork.

  2. Bulah Chatlos says:

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