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Air Conditioning – My Trigger

on June 2, 2012

Entering the temperate lobby isn’t so bad.

The elevator made its ascent to the 5th floor where I work. A balmy breezy 75-degree day could easily be stifling up thar’. The temperature changes during the brief ride and the doors open to stuffiness. Walking down the hall, the air is thick and made easier with the breeze of my walk.

Unlocking the door to my office, I know there is a wall of still air behind it – air that hasn’t been moved or swirled since yesterday at 4PM. Like any smart person would do, I jacked up the a/c for a while to purify the air and cool it down for my client who was due to arrive in 20 minutes since he’s always 10 minutes early. Flipping the switch on and hearing the window-box churn and bead with condensation was already refreshing. I left the room. Returning two brief minutes later, it was better. I decided to leave it on for my guest and to turn it down later.

By the end of my 1/2 hour meeting, I was feeling slow. My knees were creaky. The jolts of nerve pain reminded me this had been a bad idea. Why hadn’t I flipped it to “fan” mode?

How I forget over the winter how evil A/C can be to folks like me. Going outside periodically and walking around in the sun brought some relief, just enough to make it through the day with a smile and no visible gimp. Thank God. Thank GOD I have control over my office environment. Some years ago I had to resign from a job because the air conditioning was merciless and the heat in the winter was at best reluctant.


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