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on May 7, 2012

This is interesting …….. do any of you have any experience with hyperbarics?

Salt Lake Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has been used more and more frequently in the past decade to treat Lyme disease. A ground breaking study published by Dr. William Fife of Texas A&M University, demonstrated dramatic improvements in overall condition of Lyme patients treated with hyperbaric. Hyperbaric has been shown to reduce pain significantly, modulate the immune system, increase energy, alleviate sleep dysfunction, and reduce cognitive impairment. In most cases, patients are also able to discontinue use of antibiotics or other pharmaceuticals.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatments infuse the body with oxygen, increasing O2 levels by up to 1000% in body tissues through the increased pressure. Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme are considered microaerophilic, needing small amounts of oxygen to survive, but dies in the presence of abundant oxygen. Hyperbaric also acts as an immune modulator and allows organ and gland functionality to normalize, reducing many debilitating Lyme symptoms. Because the chambers…

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  1. Hi again, I have no personal experience with hyperbaric oxygen. At first I thought it sounded like the end all be all if I could just figure out where to get it done and how to convince insurance to pay for it. If you saw the Dr. Phil show on Lyme, one of the women was hospitalized and put in a hyberbaric chamber – but I don’t think money was an issue. I read on one of the Lyme sites that a man thought it almost cost him his life. So, we read, try to find success stories, but when you hear one bad one, it makes you pause – or at least I do. Then I figure there are so many things we are finding on our own to improve our lives that I do not need to fight insurance and then try to find rides to get me to a hyperbaric chamber. Don’t know if this will be of any help, but that’s my “opinion”. Kath

    • Becki says:

      Thanks, Kath. I was just curious, especially with the dietary articles encouraging “oxygenating” your blood and whatnot. It seems another manifestation of that but on a bigger scale.

      • I know, but the cost will probably out weigh the benefits and I am going the Myofascial massage and lymphatic drainage route as soon as I get through my next week of appointments. My inflammation seems to be due to myopathy and lack of ability for my blood to circulate properly due to all the swelling. I am not in bed and move all the time at home, so after reading about this condition, I decided this was the right start for me and I know of a great group in Walpole, MA who know my condition and would “peel me in layers” so as not to overdo it. I also have learned that many medical massages are covered by insurance!!!

  2. Tom says:

    I bought one, but I’m quasi desperate. Treatments can be expensive, and it sounds like it takes about 40 dives for someone to see improvement, and even more to sustain it; so buying one could be cheaper in the long run. I was hoping it might help me bounce back without getting a PICC line. But the there are other worthwhile healing benefits. It can stimulate revascularization, and help heal damaged nerve tissue and improves brain oxygenation and circulation.

    This whole Lyme thing, geez. At the time, I was looking at it as ‘How much am I willing to spend to avoid having my wife and son having to deal with caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, or Lou Gehrig’s?”

    I have a separate oxygen concentrator, and breathe nearly 100% oxygen while inside. It isn’t as pressurized as a “hard” unit, but my herxing isn’t as severe. I read one person’s story, and the herxing was so severe, they had to take a variety of drugs to manage the herxing. While I’m confident bb can be killed, it is my preference that it not be done at the expense of the host.

    I will say this. It greatly improves wound healing. I no longer look like someone on crack. I also can get pretty severe herx if I let too many days pass between using it, but being a 15-6-51 HLA type, I can’t push it.

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