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Alkalize for Health – Longevity

on April 27, 2012

I came across this website and I love it. It is geared toward cancer, cancer treatment, prevention ….. but I think it might benefit we lymeys.

It references the Hunza people, who it claims live to be 120 or even 140 years old!

This website does not appear to be “selling anything.” You know, sometimes we look things up and happen upon GREAT articles about supplements littered with links to places where you can buy them (which is through the author basically?)

The website speaks to:
1. Increasing immune function (including increasing Glutathione in our blood cells – a method I have heard some Lyme Literate MDs have been using in treatment)
2. Anti-inflammatory foods AND inflammatory foods
3. Alkalizing your diet (this is awesome for herxing and herx prevention)
4. Oxygenation including use of hydrogen peroxide
5. Meditation – isn’t peace of mind a great thing to have in chronic illness?

So this is my recommended read for the day !

“His days shall be one hundred and twenty years.” – Genesis 6:3 (this, too, heisted from the website!)

Here is the link:

(the link part didn’t appear to work? So here is the web address. If the link is not working, try copying and pasting. My apologies! )


2 responses to “Alkalize for Health – Longevity

  1. I have heard of all the above and have many multiple IV’s of Glutathione and Vit C, follow an anti-inflammatory diet but am never sure what alkalizing means and wonder if the hydrogen peroxide is for detox baths. Meditation for me comes in deep breathing only as there is no ability for my body to stay still long enough for anything else. I look forward to reading the link you provided and am happy that you have been posting so much info lately.

    • BloodyLymey says:

      Alkalizing – from what I’ve read and my laymen’s understanding of it – is altering the pH of our blood so that it is less acidic. This is reputed to be good for the immune system and for stunting the growth of invaders such as cancer. I know that it can be done by drinking hydrogen peroxide diluted in water or ingesting baking soda in a similar way. Alkaselter Gold is supposed to be good for this, too (It must be the GOLD variety and many people claim they must order this online) and many people recommend using it before going into Lyme treatment to negate the Herx reaction (as well as consuming a detox diet which is lean meats and “cleansing vegetables” along with drinking tons of water). I haven’t tried any of these personally – other than getting fired up one night and taking one treatment of the stuff and then kind of …. forgetting about it. LOL. I’m the queen of false starts.

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