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Tonic & Lyme – Nerve Pain / Neuropathy

on March 15, 2012

The universe has aligned today. This is WEIRD. I was speaking with a coworker today, a lady I like but don’t know too well. She has no clue about my Lyme Disease and symptoms. An offhanded comment went like this,” ________ has nerve pain – just SHOOTS up her legs. But she responds well to Quinine, so sometimes I run and get her tonic water, then she’s like a new person.”

I made a mental note. I have not had nerve pain for the past week or so (which is not long at all, but feels like a blissful eternity), but realized this is a solid cue to stock up. Because I was at work, I didn’t obviously run right out and get it. Then I stopped thinking about it.

As an Employment Coordinator, I help people with disabilities get work and sustain it. Today I had to meet with a client who has a job in the grocery store. As I was leaving, I walked past the end of the soda aisle where there were heaps of tonic water on sale. HEAPS. When does this ever happen? LOL! I don’t remember ever seeing a big push to sell tonic water! Taking it as a SIGN, I grabbed some and have it on hand for my next flareup.

Of course, it’s rainy today so that means my knees, hands, neck and back are creaky. But that’s okay.

Tonic water.

I understand that medicinal Quinine is used to thwart and/or treat Malaria. The prescribed dose is at least 300 mg; my internet research has led to varied results, but this is the minimum I had read about. A single serving of tonic water contains anywhere from 20-40 mg. Obviously this shouldn’t shake me up too much.

People with sensitivities should NOT try it:

I read about allergic reactions that could include simply numbness of lips up to rashes, hives and swelling of the throat. It can follow another track, however, and lead to heart palpitations along with anxiety or sleeplessness (and we lymeys do NOT need that!). So …. I give this advice (that was so freely given to me) with that word of caution.


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