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Reaction to Biaxin

on March 9, 2012

Here’s an interesting article about an officer who had a psychotic reaction to high doses of Biaxin (it was prescribed for Bronchitis, but is sometimes prescribed to people for Lyme):,0,5901639.story

He could not sleep for days because he saw “demons” in his apartment and was en route to Philadelphia to see Jesus when he crashed his car and stabbed firefighters.


4 responses to “Reaction to Biaxin

  1. WOW, that’s awful – I had been on Biaxin for over a year without incident – except for the taste it left in my mouth all day! Rifampin is the one that almost put me over the edge. But I stuck with it for the 3 months as I felt it had to be getting into my brain and killing those buggers. But my Lyme rage was hard to control. I also heard from my sister (who is a pharmacy tech) that they have taken Tetracycline off the shelf, but I have no idea why?! Hope you are feeling ok these days. Kathi

  2. BloodyLymey says:

    I know, I can’t get over it! I was on Ceftin and it left a weird taste in my mouth – kind of metallic. And I couldn’t enjoy coffee for a couple of years. 😦 The caffeine ceased to effect me and then the taste was gone. 😦 I didn’t have any incidents with antibiotics with psychosis, but I remember this nervousness. I was scared at night, like in a childish way. A couple of nights I woke up and was positive someone was standing in my room. It took forever to get the light on and I was terrified. I had to sleep with the light on for months after that, after the second time. It may have been incidental, but it seemed the fear started the minute I started those mammoth doses.

    I am feeling pretty okay lately. I have ups and downs and right now it’s an “up.” My knees predicted the rain last night, but I haven’t had fatigue – and fatigue is what kills me. At least pain doesn’t make me feel like I’m dead. Hope you’re feeling good , too. 🙂

  3. An amazing article, thanks for the writing.

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