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OLD Lyme Disease …. Iceman Is Thought to Have Had It!

on February 28, 2012

This is a fascinating article, suggesting Lyme is nothing new:


3 responses to “OLD Lyme Disease …. Iceman Is Thought to Have Had It!

  1. BloodyLymey says:

    So if they can detect it in an iceman mummy then why do we living souls suffer for eons before it can be detected in us?

  2. I read about this a few months ago and started a chat on one of my Facebook Lyme groups – more for the interest and curiousity and how they detected it in the IceMan. We were all enjoying some light-hearted info back and forth when one woman came on and just ripped us apart throwing all these scientific and medical journal articles at us like we were morons. She kept saying how it’s all relapsing fever, blah, blah, blah and I’m talking a barrage of info just flooded the page. I don’t know if she’s crazy from suffering at the hands of inadequate medical help or what, but I’ve avoided any conversations she’s in on. YIKES
    Another good question I’ve wondered about is why is the vet able to accurately test an animal for $50 and there is still not a “true” test that any doctor believes.

  3. BloodyLymey says:

    Oh, I know! I had two false negatives. My saving grace was ditching 2 bad doctors and getting a smarter one who treated me for Lyme and my symptoms improved. She sent me to a specialist who sent me to a bigger city for a different Lyme test that was very positive. I just don’t get it. They say our antibodies change with different phases of the disease? I just don’t get it. That woman sounds like she’s having a hard time. A man I briefly knew told me I’m just “used” to being sick and that I’m “fine.” Interesting. 🙂

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