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Olive Leaf & Lyme Disease

on January 10, 2012

I have recently been reading about the medicinal benefits of olive leaf. It can be sipped as a tea or swallowed in compounded powder capsules. The common denominator for the articles I have read are:

1. Antidote for chronic fatigue
2. Antibacterial – even for Lyme disease (and for side effects, the only things cited are the Herx Reaction)
3. Antifungal (since this Lyme business has started for me some years ago, I have had a stubborn fungal infection on one foot – the toes are disgusting and the skin is leathery)
4. Antiviral (since Lyme, I have been susceptible to warts – on my feet and one on my finger)
5. Immune system boost
6. Anti-inflammatory (says it is great for arthritis)

This ALL sounds good. I found two articles that are NOT from vitamin-pushing ‘store’ websites.

This article comes from a sales site, but it seems most extensive:

Is there anyone out there who has attempted olive leaf to treat Lyme? Please contact me if you have experience – good, bad, or even the middle of the road. Thanks!


7 responses to “Olive Leaf & Lyme Disease

  1. pbenalayat says:

    I take olive leaf extract, it helps with my fatigue and joint pains.

    • BloodyLymey says:

      Thanks for the feedback! Did you ever have herx symptoms on it? I had strep throat last spring (after being told lyme is out of my system) but had very bad herx symptoms while on the antibiotics. My doctor doesn’t think I’ve licked it yet but definitely thinks I need to stay off of the antibiotics. I lost count after 18 sporadic months on them.

  2. pbenalayat says:

    I did not herx on olive leaf extract, but I take it with a lot of other supplements and abxs. I am currently on IV Rocefin. Along with oral anti-biotics. So, I have herxing, I just don’t think its from the olive leaf extract. I have been on different orals for over 2 years. But just went on IV 2 months ago, when I lost my ability to speak properly.

    • BloodyLymey says:

      Wow. You have certainly been through a lot. Keep up the fight, my friend. Thanks for the insight on olive leaf. I definitely have to give it a try. How are your symptoms responding to the IV? Any improvements/sense that it’s working better?

  3. pbenalayat says:

    I have slowly begun to speak again. My body seems to be responding, just very slowly. I have found Lyme certainly tests your patience!

  4. pbenalayat says:

    Yes, the speech was tied to the nervous system. So, many things are tied to the nervous system. This is a sneaky nasty disease.

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