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Lyme Disease & 17 Day Diet – Day 19

on November 26, 2011

*Found in draft mode. It’s from the end of August, but I’ll post it anyway *

My pants have been getting a little tighter the past couple of days. I was relieved to get my monthly cycle today – what a perfect explanation.

On day 18 I was elated to have oatmeal for breakfast! Something starchy! I added some cinnamon (no sugar) and a pinch of sugarless apple sauce. Not bad.

For dinner I had STEAK. NO chicken and no turkey, damnit! STEAK. Loved it.

That was day 18. Today I’m supposed to stick to the initial cycle’s menu (we alternate days). Buuuuut, I have my period. So …. I had steak again (no starches at least). Annnnd I ate fruit past the afternoon. Annnnnnd I had more diet soda today than I have in a couple of weeks. But? I’m not cramming chocolate down my throat and I’m not fiending for ice cream.

I had a quick jab of nerve pain in the neck today. I was driving and it stunned me. Thankfully it passed. But that’s the only symptom I’ve had in more than a week.

I need my levothyroxine! I called it in and it needed doctor authorization. Unfortunately, I had so many refills it was from my LAST doctor. I’ve been out for a few days and now I’ve realized it and I called my current doctor. They said 48 hours. SNARRRL. I have a lapse in my insurance, so I’m hoping she doesn’t want me to come in for blood work first. She’s pretty cool, but I may need to negotiate and lose more precious time. 48 hours will fall on a Friday.


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