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Paying for it Now…. Sweets? Carbs?

on September 8, 2011

Mehhh. So I saw it coming. I was JUST saying this the other day.

I went to my sister’s barbecue and gave myself free reign to eat what I wanted. The next day I was okay. The day after that, I was at work and it was a clients’ birthday. My coworker made a homemade buttercream cake with homemade strawberry jam inside. Who can turn dat’ down??? And they already scooped the ice cream on it before handing it to me …. so …. I HAD to have it, right?

Thennnnn ….. I felt kinda out of sorts and queasy the next day (like I was coming down with something … not a lyme thing). Soft serve seemed like it would hit the spot and it did.

I don’t know if it’s the falling off of the dessert wagon or if it is the rain and the cold (I’m in the northeast and we’ve had all that rain and hurricane Irene and more rain….), but my knees are screaming at me today.

I feel tired, but it’s a kind of tired that’s proportional to all the work I’ve been doing and the late nights and early mornings devoted to the sump pump in my basement.

I’ll try again. We’ll see.


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