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17-Day Diet & Lyme – Day 16

on August 22, 2011

It’s been quite a week. Some ups and downs. I will say it rained a LOT yesterday and I didn’t KNOW. I was at work and didn’t look out the window and was surprised to find it raining when I left work. My knees didn’t hurt one iota!

I’m not craving carbs so much anymore. This diet is getting easier for sure.

I had a bad couple of days. I was tired, foggy-headed and suffering from the same caliber of vertigo that taunted me at the onset of lyme. And I had the nerve to attempt grocery shopping. I could NOT find the spaghetti sauce my son loves: Newman’s Own Sockarooni. I couldn’t read the labels and it seemed like every product on the shelves was on its own rocking chair and rocking out of synchronicity.

The worst: one evening I was home and doing stuff in the kitchen. With zero warning, I started to wet my pants. And I couldn’t stop. I didn’t feel it coming on. Didn’t feel like I had to “go.” There was no urgency. I’ve been scared to leave the house. What if it happens in public?

I could accept the pain and the limitations I’ve been presented with and the entire notion that I can’t control my body. THIS however is the ultimate in being out of control and it bothers me in ways I can’t begin to describe.

I talked to others with chronic lyme disease and have found they have endured the same humiliating situation themselves.

The vertigo has subsided as mysteriously as it arrived.

Because I’m so excited about working again, my head races at night and I’m getting less sleep. The departure of the peculiar symptoms seemed to coincide with the night that I fell asleep early. I’m also loosely doing the salt protocol and don’t know if there’s a connection. I haven’t had that vertigo feeling for nearly 4 years.

As for the diet …. I’m continuing to lose weight. I think it’s got to be 7 lbs or so by now. I’m way more energetic. Life is good.

I’m cooking with himalayan salt and having a bit of the stomach upset they promised in the salt protocol. Aside from that and my mysterious 2 days of symptoms, I don’t appear to be experiencing much herx.

Hopefully this continues. On top of working, I’m going to go for my internship this semester. Pretty ballsy of me!


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