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Chronic Lyme Disease ….

on August 20, 2011

This is the term I’ve been using more often. I’ve resisted it for a while now.

If I talk about having “lyme disease,” then there’s the implication that I recently went for that hike and found the bull’s eye rash perhaps a month ago.

I feel silly talking about it as “lyme disease” when I’ve been treated for it for over 3 years and I don’t know when I first got it. I remember symptoms as early as 2 years prior to that.

By switching gears and using the “new word,” I am not going to lay down and let it take me out. I am simply admitting that I’m up against something bigger than I’ve wanted to admit. I’m going to keep on keeping on. I’m going to keep on trying to feel as good as possible.


3 responses to “Chronic Lyme Disease ….

  1. Yep been there done that . I contracted Lyme in Manitoba Canada. Yes they said it was not here but it has been here for many more years than our physicians care to acknowledge. My disease started in 1985 I remember the bite the awful flue in the middle of summer that just kept coming. Then my life spiraled downward. My baby got it and is now 22 and pregnant am I scared you bet you I am. Baby is due in October and has a defective kidney. I lost my kidney in 1995. I have had many health issues but I want to die with my boot on and not in my bed if I can help it. It is like the walk from school which was a mile and a half, one foot in from of the other. Don’t look back go forward. All lymies need to get together on this and send IDSA a message of what part of being a physicians don’t you understand. How about a letter writing spree to the IDSA. Copy your local and federal Governments in the US and Canada. Tell our personal stories. contact me at


    • BloodyLymey says:

      Wow. It’s amazing just how far it can go. My first doctor resigned himself to my being “depressed” and nothing more. When I pressed him, telling him there’s pain and not just fatigue and a new complacency toward getting out of bed, he cited the commercial that says “depression hurts.” My next doctor wanted to give me ativan for the pain (an anxiety med). He didn’t come out and SAY it was in my head, but ….. I can get myself into a bad place if I start wondering “what if they had their shit together?” or “where would I be today if they were more agressive?”

      There definitely needs to be more awareness built around this. I think the medical community (even if they think they are out of reach of the lyme epidemic!) needs to have more training about this debilitating disease. Even someone in a remote island in the arctic ocean should! Physicians treat people who travel. And I also believe the deer ticks aren’t as contained as people would like to think. I think one of the things I had going for me is that I live in the northeastern U.S., the hub of lyme activity. But there are still stupid doctors here. I hear it all the time. I also recommend NOT having a foreign doctor. I’m not judgmental or and I’m not a bigot, but they seem to be the absolutely least informed.

    • BloodyLymey says:

      And I will contact you! my email is (nothing lyme-related, just so you recognize me).

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