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17 Day Diet & Lyme Disease: Day 5

on August 10, 2011

I can’t believe my energy level. Do you know that I have been on the go from 8 this morning until just now and it’s nearly 10 PM? This is how I USED to be. MANY years AGO (with the exception of some months where my disease went into remission).

Tonight, my legs are tired. I haven’t felt this in years and it’s bliss! Often times my knees hurt and force me to sit down. I can never stand long enough or walk far enough for my legs to get TIRED. I’m loving it!

Today I (and this is unbelievable to me):
1. Got up and did my AM routine (getting son breakfast, making my breakfast, shower, primping)
2. Drove son to camp
3. Drove to parking garage for work and (GET THIS!) walked down the four flights of stairs from the roof. With the arthritic stuff, going DOWN stairs was always painstaking – far harder on my knees than going up.
4. Walked from the garage to the building.
5. I worked from 9:30-3:00. I was sharply focused and was the first in recent history to pass the insurance drivers’ training on the first try (and I got a 90%). Sounds easy peasy, but …. they threw in statistics, percentages, rates of speeds and feet it takes to stop …. and all kinds of crazy stuff no one would have remembered.
6. Did battle with the grocery store.
7. Went to the career center to inform them of my working status. (Walked up the stairs!)
8. Dropped off groceries at house, ate a quick yogurt.
9. Attended a young professionals meeting for networking (my boss’ idea).
10. Came home made me dinner (all this standing!)
11. WALKED to my mom’s to pick up my son
12. Cooked meals for tomorrow & made my son’s lunch.

I’m a-freakin’-mazed. I can’t tell you.

I’ve been tempted to succumb to certain temptations. I won’t lie. But I’m sticking to it (green tea and all).

I’ve been thinking about the price …. but the price of produce & meat is going to look better than buying new pants. The price is also going to be better than low work productivity and potential absenteeism (though I must say I’ve been fortunate with my jobs to be able to budget time walking and standing to accommodate my knees and do other things in stead of typing when my hands are bad, and do less “thinky” tasks when I’m feeling fatigued & foggy, etc.).

I haven’t been taking the zoloft either. I am hoping I won’t pay too dearly for that, but ….

I’m sticking with the low dose naltrexone and, of course, the levothyroxine.

An unexpected side-effect : I’ve cut back my smoking to 10/day!

I haven’t felt this healthy in eons. I never thought I’d feel this good. In fact? I couldn’t even imagine – it was beyond my wildest dreams – how feeling good REALLY feels.


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