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17 Day Diet & Lyme Disease: Day 3

on August 8, 2011

I can’t believe this: my stomach is smaller. I feel like I’m in a movie. The pajama pants I wore last night fit okay last night – not too snug and not too loose. Today they’re kind of loose. They’re elastic waist, so it’s not like they have a kind of snug waistband that starts to loosen up the longer you wear them and move around in them.

What this has to do with lyme disease: I know I have PEED like crazy. I know a lot of the water-retention came about with my 2000 mg/day antibiotic regimen in the fall (that, too, was like a movie …. my stomach seemed to grow a foot in diameter overnight). Usually it takes me a few months after getting off of them and then it seems like I just suddenly start urinating. I haven’t been able to get there. The last time it took a long time, I started urninating a lot at the 5-6 month mark. I am far past that, so I’m taking matters into my own hands.

The 17-day diet author concedes that a lot of the initial weight loss is water (so there’s not so much hocus pocus). Supposedly the diet leads to rapid fat burning. We’ll see.

For now, I just want to “feel better.” Today I woke up feeling wayyyyy better. I’m not craving bread like I was the first day. I’m not dying for a diet pepsi (the caffeine headache on day 2 was pretty unreasonable!).

I am already having daily bowel movements and they are neither violent and runny nor a struggle to pass (TMI? Sorry …. just being honest). Frankly, I was scared that I’d wind up with diarrhea every day and (with the new job this week) wouldn’t be able to see this through.

I can’t believe the changes. I haven’t felt this energized in years.

The other thing! I am SWEATING. I have written in here periodically about sweating and how unaccustomed I am to it. I was elated over a bit of dew on my forehead and in my hairline. Yesterday my hair was wet and so was my shirt. I took a second bath yesterday because I felt “gross.” In not sweating, I didn’t feel like I ought to be necessarily. I was too cool to the touch to feel like I was going to have heat stroke. I don’t know if it’s linked to my thyroid, but what ever it is, it’s being corrected. (I’ll admit that staying dry and clean on hot and muggy days was pretty convenient, but I knew it wasn’t okay).

Yesterday I played TAG with my son. My knees didn’t scold me. My energy level didn’t rebel. His legs got tired and he has asthma so he was panting after not too long, but I outlasted him. That felt good.

I’m supposed to exercise for 17 minutes daily (I think just because it’s easy to remember). The first day, this was impossible. I was caffeine-deprived on a grand scale and the lack of sugar had me feeling rundown. On day 2, I could hardly wake up – though after I tapped the black coffee I felt way better. But now I am bustling with activity.

I start my job today, the first day, and my mental clarity is a blessing. I can’t get over it. There’s no fog or “clutter” – and there has been for weeks. (It seems like my brain has been fluctuating from being in a fog to some kind of sharp-focused clutter where it’s hard to grab my thoughts).

I don’t think the diet is a cure for lyme disease, but I think the specialist was right about going low-glycerine. She tried to explain it to me and I DID buy into it, but I wasn’t ready to make a change. I don’t know why there was a parting of the heavens for me and I was ready to change, but I’ll count my blessings.

I kind of cheated yesterday. There was an ethnic fair in town and I went with my boyfriend. The main thing to do there is eat. I had chicken wings and ribs – NO corn muffin (wow, those were some hard words to say out loud to the lady in the tent!). Ribs aren’t on my menu yet and wings aren’t the part of the chicken I should be eating. AND I imagine there is lots of sugar in the barbecue sauce it was made with …. but I think not succumbing to a dessert or to bread was good for me. I can keep on keeping on.

I also am keeping close to my brain the struggle I endured the first day. I NEED to remember it’s easier to keep doing this than it is to start over again. (Just like in AA they say it’s easier to stay sober than to get sober – and their principle of “one day at a time” helped tremendously…. I had to get off of focusing on having a FREAKIN’ piece of bread and a FREAKIN’ diet pepsi on day 17… ha, ha).

While I’m not meaning to imply that I have found the cure for lyme disease, I’m simply stating I think that diet can play a role in how well or not well I’m doing.

I know in low days I just crave sugar. And it’s funny, I was never a big sweet tooth. It seems there’s some chemical reaction in me , something beyond the nice taste, that gives me a false sense that it’s keeping me going. It might pick me up for a little while, but the subsequent crash probably worsens the fatigue. The ups and downs from sugar just aggravate my symptoms when they’re there.

It’s only day 3, however. This doesn’t make me a diet or nutrition expert suddenly. I’m just documenting the changes – partly so I’ll have something to refer to. Partly so maybe it can help someone else.


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