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Reiki & Lyme ….

on July 27, 2011

I have an old friend from high school who has started a Reiki business. To keep up to snuff and to build something of a client base and gather references, he charged me $5 to have a Reiki session.

Going there, I didn’t expect very much. I thought at the very least I would feel relaxed – soft music & laying down and being still for a while.

He explained I might feel tingling or heat in certain chakra zones. I smiled politely and nodded.

My only prior experience with “energy shifting” was when I had acupuncture to treat my lyme. I remembered liking it and I remembered my symptoms easing, but I really expected to be far better off at the end. I probably needed more treatments or more mental clarity to go with it.

Way before this, I had “reiki.” I had befriended an Asian lady who seemed to be searching for who she was. One night, she was a loud-mouthed party girl (heckling a standup comic and pounding back beers). Another day, she seemed to want to be a wise practitioner of Eastern Medicine with words of wisdom and Confucious quotes. She made strange noises like she was attempting to “hock a loogey” and waved her hands around me. I felt nothing but brewing nausea.

I had no idea. NONE.

In the course of it, I felt like I was wearing a tight and tingly helmet when he did what he did to my head.

Due to a past trauma of sorts, I bug OUT when people touch my throat. He mentioned it before hand and I was prepared, but I did feel tense when he touched my throat – and it wasn’t in a threatening or confining way, very gentle. However, I let myself be open minded and I kept reminding myself to take down the “wall” I was instinctively putting up.

When he told me to turn over, I was so deeply relaxed that my body felt heavy. I flopped back down on the reiki table and chuckled about it. Turning over, I succumbed to more relaxation.

I foolishly tried to get right up when it was over, but still felt floppy.

When I left, I felt at once content and energized. I can’t remember the last time I felt this limber. I can’t remember the last time that I didn’t think the ladies’ room at a concert was “far away” as my legs and fatigue joined forces to rebel against every step.

Last night I saw a concert at Tanglewood. I had to walk up a stoney path – perhaps an 8th of a mile? And I did it. I walked quickly and with purpose like I did a long while ago.

I am enjoying mental clarity. I came home and started cleaning my house – fairly quickly – intuitively knowing where things belonged.

During my last flare-up, I couldn’t clean. I could force myself to do the dishes and maintain the bathroom – anything that might potentially make the house stinky or unsanitary. I couldn’t – could NOT – contend with the clutter or the “picking up” piece.

Even after the flare-up, I couldn’t pick up very well. I would stare at it, confused, seeing “stuff.” I didn’t have the mental capacity to see the forest for the trees. It was just forest without any distinction of elms or maples or firs. Just STUFF.

Now that mental clarity is back. I feel put back together.

It’s lasting, too! My treatment was two days ago and it hasn’t wavered any bit.

I plan to go again. I can’t believe my good fortune. I don’t know what the secret is or how it works, but I know keeping the “wall” down is important. I found myself mentally resisting it at times and I’d have to remember to relax and keep an open mind.

I don’t know what makes one person a good practitioner over another. I can’t advise anyone how to choose one. If you’re in the Berkshires, message me and I’ll recommend this fabulous and legitimate guy.

If you’re struggling with lyme disease and you have an open mind, it might be worth pursuing this.


3 responses to “Reiki & Lyme ….

  1. I have also been Lymed… Serious symptoms for a disease most people know nothing about or do not believe how devastating it can be. I have not thought about having Reiki until I read your post and I do believe I will be it a try. I have been doing acupuncture for some of the symptoms and they appear to be less severe. Thanks for the help and good luck yourself.

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