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Easy on the Salt ….

on July 7, 2011

For about 5 days, I attempted the so-called “Salt Protocol” to self-treat my lyme disease. (It’s a combination of Himalayan Salt & Vitamin C to make my blood less hospitable for the infectious varmints).

My symptoms were worse. WAYYYY worse. On top of this, I got a couple of headaches that had migraine qualities (without the maddening pain I usually get … just a bit of pain).

Since I have had very few migraines in recent years (I used to suffer with them monthly – sometimes even more), I’m thinking there may be a correlation. Perhaps it’s the uptick in my blood pressure? Perhaps it’s the kick to my adrenals that the articles I’ve read had promised? Also … it’s my time of the month!

I’ve put the salt shaker down for now and am trying to see how I feel. So far I have a bit more energy. I don’t feel up to snuff, but I’m not sleeping all day.

Yesterday I HAD to go and get a new filtration system for my boy’s aquarium. The other one crapped the bed and the tank became cloudy overnight and the fish were swimming sideways and looking pathetic. If the fishies’ butts weren’t on the line, I wouldn’t have the gumption. I survived the trip , and it took considerable resolve to get in the car and get through the store (I can’t believe how BIG the small things are).

Today I was able to restructure my son’s toys a little and throw away the broken ones. I put a sizeable dent in the heaping stack of dishes in my sink (worry not – I would rinse them off so it wouldn’t get too stanky). But this was all I could muster for today.

Just Tuesday I was too exhausted to drive my son to camp (half an hour to forty minutes round trip). In fact, I was too exhausted to get dressed. I was too exhausted to sit up straight for quite some time, actually.

Fortunately, my son was very calm and quiet that day. I nodded off all morning and slept until about 1. I never left the house. I stayed in my pajamas all day.

But today is better. I’m pretty tired from the little bit that I did today.

Unfortunately, I started the salt protocol when my symptoms were active. I don’t know if they got worse because of the salt. I don’t know if they would have been worse any way. I don’t know if they got better because I stopped the salt or if that was incidental.

I do think it’s possible I started at far too high of a dose (the websites I found recommend 15 grams daily as a therapeutic dose … I was taking a teaspoon daily, which I had read was equivilant to 5 grams …. typing this, I’m wondering how such a ridiculously small amount of salt could effect me so heavily!).

I never liked salt and had a natural preference for lower sodium foods, so my system might have been shocked. There’s also the possibility that my aggravated symptoms were the result of “die-off,” when the bacteria releases toxins as they die that make the host feel worse.

At any rate, I’m going to start WAY smaller and work my way up. I might have dropped the ball with drinking water, too. I did drink some (I’m a diet soda freak and rarely venture from that), but perhaps I need more. WAYYY more.

My mother had an appointment with my doctor the other day (yes, we have the same physician) and she asked her about the salt protocol. Dr. C. said that she’s not familiar with it and told me to just make sure the salt doesn’t have a large heavy metal content.

I did some perusing of google articles and found that Himalayan Salt has trace amounts (like every other freaking thing we consume) and is also fairly renowned for use as a heavy metal detox. The theory is that the molecular structure of the salt and blah-blah-blah helps break down the heavy metals we ingest daily through drinking water, breathing air, and consuming food from polluted environments.

It’s also reputed to help aid digestion. I can attest to that. Where I’ve been rather constipated since contracting lyme, I had diarrhea several times daily with the salt protocol. It wasn’t like I was sick. It was more like a loose bowel movement and when I was done, it was over. I didn’t feel like I was afraid to leave the house or anything.

Himalayan salt is also reputed to help people with fungal issues. The high doses of antibiotics for lyme disease made me vulnerable to foot fungi and yeast infections. This will be a nice change of pace.


I have to remark about how stunned I am that the salt didn’t make me retain water. In fact, I felt like I was urinating with greater frequency. (Also … remember I said it’s my time of the month? In all actuality, I should have been retaining water with or without the salt).

So …. I’ll start again in a couple of days (perhaps I’ll start with 1/2 a tsp. and see how that flies?) when I’m sure my bearings are straight.


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