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Lyme Symptoms …. Checklist

on July 6, 2011

It’s important to know what the symptoms are.

I mean …. if you asked ME years ago what my concept of lyme was, I’d have said:

1. You get a tick
2. You take it out
3. If a bull’s eye rash appears, you have lyme
4. You take antibiotics and exhibit flu symptoms
5. At the end of a month, you’re A-OK!

Boy, was I wrong.

I actually had so many symptoms that I’d forget about some. Nerve pain certainly overshadows a stiff neck and a headache. I was so exhausted, I’d forget that I was constipated or that I had light sensitivity.

If you have ANY reason to think you may have lyme (or any medical situation for that matter), start an ongoing list of your symptoms and write them down the second you think of them. Even if you think you have an idea of what’s causing your malaise and you think it’s unrelated. For example: if it’s a “woman problem,” don’t dismiss it as another issue.

I’m reading this back and it sounds lecturesome. I don’t mean it that way. I guess I’m writing this to the “me” that existed some years ago and didn’t know any of this.

Here’s a highlight of what symptoms may look like:
-Persistent swollen glands
-Sore throat
-Sore soles
-Joint pain
-Joint swelling
-Unexplained back pain
– Creaking joints
-Stiffness of the joints, neck or back
-Muscle pain or cramps
-Muscle weakness
– Weakness in arms and legs

-Twitching of the face or other muscles
– Headache
– Pressure in head (without necessarily having a headache)
– Jaw pain or stiffness
-Confusion, difficulty thinking
-Difficulty with concentration, reading, or writing

-Forgetfulness, short term memory issues, poor attention
– Word search , name block
-Disorientation: getting lost, going to wrong places
-Speech errors- wrong word, misspeaking
– Letter or number reversal/dyslexia
-Mood swings, irritability, depression

-Anxiety, panic attacks
-Psychosis (hallucinations, delusions, paranoia)
– Mood disorder (bipolar)
– Feeling like you are “losing your mind”
– Unusually depressed
– Irritable / Overreacting

-Light sensitivity
-Sound sensitivity
-Vision: double, blurry, floaters
– Flashing lights
-Ear pain
-Hearing: buzzing, ringing, decreased hearing

-Increased motion sickness, vertigo, spinning, dizziness
-Off balance, poor spacial awareness
-Lightheadedness, wooziness, great need to sit or lay down
– Tremors / shaking
-Tingling, numbness, burning or stabbing sensations, shooting pains, skin-hypersensitivity

-Facial paralysis-Bell’s Palsy
-Dental pain
-Neck creaks and cracks, stiffness, neck pain
-Fatigue, tired, poor stamina
-Insomnia, fractionated sleep, early awakening

-Excessive night time sleep
-Napping during the day
-Unexplained weight gain
-Unexplained weight loss
-Unexplained hair loss

-Males: testicular pain / pelvic pain
– Females: unexplained menstrual pain or menstrual irregularity
-Unexplained milk production; breast pain
-Irritable bladder or bladder dysfunction
-Erectile dysfunction
-Loss of libido

-Queasy stomach or nausea
-Heartburn, stomach pain
-Low abdominal pain, cramps

-Heart murmur or valve prolapse?
-Heart palpitations or skips
-“Heart block” on EKG
-Chest wall pain or ribs sore
-Head congestion

-Breathlessness, “air hunger”, unexplained chronic cough
– Shortness of breath
– Severe cough
– Sore throat
-Night sweats
-Exaggerated symptoms or worse hangover from alcohol

– Migrating pain / moving from one area of the body to another
– Feeling like there is “always something wrong” (one symptoms goes away, another replaces it)
– Do you have continual infections/recurring infections? (Ear, kidney, urinary tract?)
– Rashes that come and go


This is a link to a checklist you may printout and give to a doctor if you should ever need to – and I hope you don’t.


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