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Lookin’ For My Lost Shaker of Salt ….

on July 2, 2011

So this is day 2 of the salt protocol. Unfortunately, I read too late to start off slowly.

I feel HORRIBLE. I’m having nerve pain and migrating joint pain and muscle fatigue and exhaustion. But …. this is good. It means there is a “die-off.” During the course of antibiotics I ALWAYS felt worse. The specialist, Dr. H., said this was GOOD because the bacteria was dying. When they die, they release toxins that make people feel worse.

So this is good news/bad news. The literature I’m finding says that the die-off may be more tolerable with THIS course of treatment since salt supports the adrenals.

Any way …. here I go. Should any of you opt to try this course of treatment, start LOW.

I’m amazed by how many google searches I’ve done and have not come up with results that say “this is a crock” or “don’t waste your time.”

Could lyme treatment REALLY be this simple?

Vitamin C & Himalayan Salt.


And? Maybe there’s a reason why I found this treatment after losing my job. Maybe there’s a parting of the heavens here and I’m meant to follow this course of treatment before working again.


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