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Just Say No

on July 2, 2011

I’ve recently and unexpectedly found myself unemployed.

You’re probably thinking this is a great time to heal myself, a time to rest up, send out my resume to people, lay on the couch and get caught up on movies, sit in the sun and read …..

Yes. It’s summer. These DO sound like awesome ideas, don’t they? I will be 40 in November and have NEVER been unemployed in adulthood. I’ve worked since I was 17.

This end to my service with the company is (frankly) a big relief. My stress was wiped out in one fell swoop. I’d rather worry about money than ethics.

So this is good! Emotional respite. Physical rest. More time to concentrate on getting a job – which I was doing anyway, but didn’t have the time to devote to the endeavor like I wanted.


Not at all.

I’m actually busier! My house is messier! I’m here less!

So I have to figure out a way to advocate for myself. I need to recharge my battery. I can’t go into a new job needing sick time.

My knees were feeling the clouds, pregnant with raindrops, and I pushed myself. I did lots of stairs. I did lots of laundry. I did lots of pacing and standing and walking and ….. I kept telling myself “just one last thing ….”

And I spent the rest of the day laid-up and exhausted.

That benefitted me how?

I have to lay down the law.

I think people who need help and need favors find it easier to ask people who are unemployed. Then we have trouble justifying why we can’t. I mean …. “today’s my day off,” right?


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