Bloody Lymey

A Blog About Living with Lyme Disease

Good Vibrations …..

on May 27, 2011

Tonight I ran into a friend who was treated for lyme disease. The fatigue persists. The pains persist. The every miserable thing persists.

I was thinking about a lot of things. The benefits – it beat more AA program into me. I got off the pity pot. I learned various coping skills that I never would have learned …. and I take those coping skills with me everywhere and into most situations.

I was thinking about my specialist, Dr. H. He may go see her! Two other people recommended her. It must be a sign.

I was thinking about symptoms. One symptom I forgot about was the sensation that my legs were vibrating. The feeling crept into my butt and seemed amplified when I walked.

It didn’t hurt. It wasn’t even uncomfortable. But it was certainly disconcerting.

One time it got very intense, particularly around one hip. I wondered about calling my doctor. Just as the thought entered my mind, the intensity around my hip tapered off and after a moment was followed by a beep.

My cell phone was on vibrate. 🙂

I was constantly patting my pockets, wondering if I was missing a call.


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