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Thump. Thump. Thumpthumpthump.

on May 18, 2011

Sooooo. Today I’m wearing a heart monitor, which I can’t help but find disconcerting. Dr. C. doesn’t think it’s the meds because side-effects would have presented in the first two weeks and now it’s over a month.

My baseline blood pressure is low. Wicked low. Today it was “normal.” so is it elevated because it’s higher than my baseline? Or is it good that it’s “normal?”

We discussed the onset and ongoing stressors. She thinks it may be good that I was on Zoloft to alleviate the lyme-related fatigue because she thinks I may have had more “resolve” to deal with it. This is good news and I’m glad she helped me look at it more positively.

I changed into a johnny and lay down. The assistant stuck a bunch of doo-hookies to me and I had an EKG. After this, she stuck more things to me and attached a box to me. I keep kidding around that I’m an informant and am trying to get people to talk about drugs. I’m “wired.” I kid around about talking to my boyfriend and hearing his voice and maybe I should push the “event” button since he makes my heart all fluttery.

But these are my hiding places. I’m scared. And when I’m scared, I hide behind humor. This makes me appear “okay” with what ever is happening.

There’s nothing to be scared of, I don’t think. I said to the doctor, “I won’t just ‘come down’ with a heart condition because of these stressful incidents, will I?” She agreed it was unlikely and that the heart monitor is to rule things out.

I have a log to record my “events.” Today I was blown away by how many “events” there were. She told me to record anything unusual. I haven’t had the heart-pounding incidents that make me think an ambulance may be in order. But there have been 14 recorded incidents of “fluttering.” Like my heart has upped the rythmn a little and like it sang out of tune. There were a couple of dizzy spells, too. And there was chest discomfort. I’m glad the log uses “discomfort.” I may have dismissed some things that didn’t seem painful enough to be considered “chest pain.”

Half of these 14 recorded incidents took place inside of one hour. Interestingly.

I hope they figure this out. I just want to be normal. Normal. What is that, anyway?


3 responses to “Thump. Thump. Thumpthumpthump.

  1. matt says:

    Hey I noticed you posted this back in May but I hope this still finds you, i myself have about the same thing it sounds you have, ive been hooked up to the machines and wires and have worn heart monitors several times now, and they have captured alot of events, but its the same story every time i visit the doctor, “everything seems normal, your fine” but i know better!! Does your chest seem to hurt sometime? Do you burp alot when it happens? I do and was wondering if anyone else does, im the same way as far as joking about it, i joke with the doctors and nurses and put on a show that im fine and it does’nt bother me, but inside, it scares the hell outta me! im only 32 now and really as far as im concerned, the best shape of my life,but this whole heart thing has me going nuts and was wanting to talk to someone other than doctors that have experienced it, i have never in my life ever posted anything on a blog, but what the hell, I see that there is other normal people in good health having the same problems, maybe we can all share tips, pointers and how to’s to get through this crap!! My heart will speed up for no reason and like it is now, it is very slow and faint and breathing is a little difficult, but will probably pass in a short time (i hope) i hate it when it happens and always fear the worst, but still manage to wake up the next morning, lets hope for the best after tonight!!! thanks alot, matt

    • BloodyLymey says:

      Hi there – no, I didn’t burp a lot with this last bout, but last spring (like a year and a half ago), I had crushing chest pain at night when I was falling asleep with heart flutters and burping helped for some reason. Strange you should mention it.

      Wow, it sounds like you’re going through hell, my friend. I had terrible terrible palpitations right before finally being treated for lyme (went a long time with no diagnosis), and it was so bad that I talked to my son’s grandparents about “what if.” I really thought I was going to die.

      I’m on a good wave here with no heart issues, but it seems like when I’m symptom free if I dare say it aloud, then the universe hears me and thanks me for the reminder. I’ll be thinking o fyou. Good luck with everything, Matt.


  2. matt says:

    hey becki, thanks for the reply, im glad to hear your on a good stretch with no heart symptoms, thats awesome, i went to the doctors today and she was shocked by what my halter monitor revealed, i told them previously about how my heart would really speed up for no reason and then shortly afterwards slow way way down, they never really took me serious i guess and that was as far as it went, being since that aint normal in rythyms!! but my results showed today 2 events where my heart rate was pretty high, way faster than a relaxed beat, and with in 30 minutes later dropped down to 38 beats per min, my blood pressure is excellent and all blood work seems ok, it just sucks knowing im in good physical health and knowing in the back of my mind my ticker might just run out of ticks!!! but hearing your story now gives me a little more peace of mind. thanks alot for the reply and take care of your ticker!!!! matt

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