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Stress & Symptoms …

on May 14, 2011


I saw my doctor recently and she added Zoloft to the mix for exhaustion and muscle fatigue – I should add here that while I am on an antidepressant, I am not depressed. She asked if moving around and exercised helped or hurt the fatigue and I said it made it entirely worse.

I saw Dr. H, the infectious disease specialist and she supports this approach, adding I look verrrrry good.

However, I had a stressor at work. It was fairly epic and I wish I could get into it, but I can’t. It’s not entirely my story to tell.

Not long after it first happened, my heart started racing and I felt like I was going to throw up. Laying down helped. Curling my legs up helped more. I laid there and got suddenly tired (even though prior I had felt extremely energetic), sleeping soundly for some hours.

This erratic heartbeat has been coming and going; sometimes I have to put my head on my desk at work and try to calm down. When it happens, I feel like I’m sweating inside. It’s a peculiar sensation and it’s scary.

My mom, a former nurse of some decades, thinks I should go to the ER. I can’t seem to shake the feeling that it may be a panic attack, but since I have no real history of them and am by nature a fairly calm person she disagrees. The other thing is that I have ONLY had heartburn when I was very pregnant and had a horrible 1/2-hour case of it last week. It hurt my chest the most.

Mom fears it may be a heart issue. I think it’s stress-related and that when (and if) the stress ever eases things will be better.

I see Dr. C. on Wednesday. I guess she’ll be the coin flip.

Today I slept until 1PM. If I had my son, that never would have happened of course. What a waste of a day. It doesn’t feel lymey, though. It feels more like an escapist behavior, like I’m intentionally avoiding waking up and thinking about work. It seems to be my first waking thought as well as my last for the day. I get home from work and feel super exhausted. I think I’ve fallen asleep early on the couch every night this week.

I keep googling heart things and atrial fibrallation seems to have tiredness attached to it. The heartburn seems to have “heart attack” attached to it.

I’m hoping maybe this is a surge in my thyroid. That’s easy to correct. However, I don’t have that restless feeling like I can’t sit still or I’m itchy to do something.

Of course, maybe I’m making too much of this. I need to just keep my thoughts pure until I see the doctor.


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