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Light at the End of the Tunnel

on April 22, 2011

I told my boss I was looking for a new job because it was too cold at work. It wasn’t just me. I actually brought in a thermometer to show them it was frigid (it was in the 50’s), but I lacked my ordinary emotional fortitude on top of my physical problems to go through with more than checking the temperature back there.

So I told my boss I was looking for a new job. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a job and no real prospect of a job. The boss asked how long I planned to stay and I blurted out that I hoped to be out in two months. Unfortunately, she held me to this. Unfortunately, I didn’t have another job yet.

An animated corpse. That is what I felt like. That animated corpse was kind of relieved to be nearly unemployed and now the coldness felt more bearable. There was an end in sight.

At an AA meeting, I made an offhand comment about being nearly unemployed. And scared. Afterward, an AA acquaintance said he knew of a place hiring entry level with room for growth. It was at the homeless shelters in town. I bit.

I applied in mid October. I called in late October. I called in early November. I sent an email in mid November. Finally … the call.

This friend from AA came with me to my interview and I got the job. I started the third day of December 2008. Three days per week. This job didn’t have the freedom the other job had, so if I had to do stairs? I had to do stairs. Gimpy or not!

Also, there was no solitude like that the other job afforded me. In fact, homeless people could be emotionally draining – you’d never guess it, would you? But I got a job at the family shelter and I liked the little kids (AND the parents). Sometimes I was paid to sit and hold a baby while the mom did job searches on the computer. I loved it.

The money was low, compounded by the part time hours. But I lived with my mom. I had to. So I could use it for food and gas…….

I had two days to rest while my son was in school. This balanced things out considerably. I was gaining mobility. I was feeling like “this is it.”

By day’s end, I was exceptionally tired. However, it felt more like a normal kind of tired. Maybe this WAS “it.”

I saw the specialist again later in the month (December). She suggested I continue with the Ceftin. I did. I continued the vitamins, too. BOY was my pee ever yellow …. neon! But the color in my face was pinkening.

I could see the light wafting in through the darkness. And my eyes were adjusting to it.


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